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Appian World “Transformation” ends with the theme of 2017. News that focuses on how technology continues to help companies face the need to constantly adapt, measure, and accommodate the ever-growing technology panorama. The application development platform of Appian promises to revolutionize the way businesses use their applications to deliver products and services to win, retain, and engage employees.


Appian users in a new era of rapid application development by replacing low-code, bpm, and case management with some awesome announcements around innovative product features known as Design Designer and Integration Designer. The decision designer minimizes the application development problem by embedding technical designers in the exposure rules before maintaining business logic or process routing.

Integration Designer provides easy integration into existing back-end systems by defining reusable objects within the app. These materials allow reusable integration into enterprise-wide or third-party services such as the Application Programming Interface (API), Robotics Process Automation (RBA), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Blockchain. The result is a 10-fold increase in integrated development productivity for faster delivery of applications.

Appian proclaimed affiliations with Blue Prism (RPA) and Mulesoft (API) with new product features. These partners better implement API innovation and self-service and securely disclose data to users, IoT devices, and business processes.

Digital change

It is always best to network with other service providers and ask other Appian customers about their digital transformation journey. I was particularly reminded of how using a rapid application development platform allows customers to focus on innovations during psHealth’s presentation and use artificial intelligence to improve health effects at a lower cost.

The term digital transformation has recently become a buzzword. Appian’s definition empowers software companies to react, innovate, innovate, and deliver customer experiences more quickly and in unprecedented ways. Appian is an integrated product that can be adopted for a very simple and complex digital transformation effort. According to Gardner, Appian is a leading business process and low code platform that will enhance customer experiences and enhance operational performance.

Some of the leading candidates for digital transformation efforts are:

  • Customer travel
  • Business activities
  • Governance, compliance, and risk
  • The results are faster time for the market and more progressive changes


2017 marks the 10th anniversary of Appian’s cloud offering. Appian Cloud has an interesting list of accolades with Matt Calkins (CEO of Appian) who proudly announces that Appian is not only the first to cloud but even better. S.P. The Appian Cloud leadership team provided guidance on how to build reliable, scalable, secure, and compatible applications in the Appian Cloud. Appian also adds features for customers looking for alternative hosting options to AWS.