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DevOps – Next five years

Agile adoption

Whenever I ask this question, the first thing that comes to mind is the agile software community. The Agile Report was released in 2001, and 8 years later, in 2009, the term DevOps was coined. If you look at Google as a proxy for adopting trends, you can see that interest in DevOps is rising fast, but Agile still wins the race.

But Agile adoption (almost 20 years later) is still evenly distributed. The 2020 State Agile Report shows that 84% of companies still have a long way to go with Agile adoption.

Where will the DevOps be in 5 years?

 we are providing DevOps course in coimbatore Most companies will try to accept DevOps, but very few will continue to do it better. I think DevOps’ adoption rate will be faster than the adoption rate of Agile, as the choice of hyperscale cloud driving interest in DevOps. Adding AWS and Microsoft Azure to the trends, we can see explosive business growth in cloud technology. DevOps will proceed to ride these waves.

DevOps is now solidly on the agenda of every organization we speak of; accepting the need to change how IT services are delivered in that way has gone “beyond the gap” into the mainstream.

How will DevOps technology, forms, and practices evolve over the next five years?

Looking at DevOps for the first ten years, many of the DevOps programs are run from the Dev side (despite what was initially called “Agile infrastructure”).

It’s prevalent for patrons to tell us that they are “taking DevOps”, but you will find that they are not talking to anyone in Ops. This may be for the reason that Ops is outsourced to a larger GSI, but this is the title for a separate post. Those who lead the large-scale DevOps transformation program are often on the software development (Dev) team, not the Ops.

Event-driven automation is increasing and will be instrumental in making “everyday” automation more accessible to people with traditional apps.

All major cloud sellers invest a lot of money in AI & ML. It will radically change how we manage our environments and applications.

Over the next 5 years, the innovation of the “as-code” approach (such as infrastructure-code, configuration-code, etc.) will wear off and become the “norm”. It will be driven by the massive benefits it brings from a governance and compliance perspective, so internal governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) groups will begin to ask why these techniques are not being used.

“DevOps Sucks” Wave

Over the next 5 years, we will inevitably see “DevOps Sucks” or “DevOps is Dead” making contradictory views rounds because Paradox is the best click pad, and we will learn a lot more about how to achieve an intense DevOps transformation.

If you go to 2018, Gardner has already predicted that 75% of “DevOps forces will decline to reach expectations due to concerns surrounding organizational learning and transformation”.

Change is hard, right. Not only is there a DevOps change, but there is also still a lot to learn about how to make any organizational change effectively. You can start by reading this blog post to increase your chances of success.

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So, in a nutshell:

Will the next five years be radically different from the last five years?

No, it crossed the gap and went to the mainstream.

Where will the invention of DevOps come from in the next five years?

 It will be about Ops.

Will DevOps fade in 5 years?

 No, in the same way, the 8-year-old senior sibling agile has not.

Can anyone find a measured DevOps structure that promises DevOps growth?

Yes, of course, experts should make money, but it would be an over-recommended pile. That’s why our DevOps Framework (Adaptive ID Framework) is more obviously a building block and the recommended formula).

So what are you waiting for? Start learning DevOps and make your new transformation.