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Top SEO Trends and Statistics to Follow During Post Covid 19

Things are gradually returning to normal. For digital marketers, there is a new future and shift in focus to be relevant to the web.

Do you know the average number of web searches conducted each month in the United States? That’s 12 billion searches, more than the 4.57 billion active Internet users in April 2020.

Even if you are an SEO specialist, B2B, or B2C expert, website users are more likely to click on organic links than any other. In a survey, only 60 percent of digital marketers concentrate highly on SEO and are web-based.

These are strong figures. However, you need these key SEO trends and statistics to see and maintain your search engine optimization. You will experience success especially with the changes provided by the epidemic on our doorstep.

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Google still reigning the web and content is king

Google continues to dominate online traffic. Google performs more than 70,000 searches every second. It translates to more than 3.5 billion queries a day and more than 1.2 trillion queries a year. In the world of Google, it is important for marketers to be aware of these figures and to use Google’s methods and words to attract spiders.

You need to create high quality, engaging, and conversational, valuable, informative, and educational content. When content matches these demands, they rank high in Google SEO and reach more people. As of July 2020, Google holds 86.86 percent of the global search market and therefore leads by a reasonable margin.

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Mobile SEO is now very relevant

Since the epidemic, mobile devices and their use have increased to a great extent, but so has the number of online services. For digital marketers, owning a mobile-optimized website will boost your visibility and relevance on the web.

In fact, according to Google, 89 percent of people would recommend a brand to others if they had a positive experience with their mobile systems. Most online rulers and board directors have suggested that digital marketers create mobile-optimized sites and then adapt them to the desktop.

It serves two purposes; More than 58 percent of people use their phones to connect to the Internet so people know your brand and service well. Second, it is easier to upgrade a website for a desktop than a mobile app. Moreover, mobile traffic has risen by more than 200 percent in the last seven years and more than 50 percent of all web traffic.

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Keyword search is very important now

Aside from being a search engine, Google is evolving every day; this is an answering machine. 71 percent of searches contain only one word. Although the use of keywords has advanced, they are more connected on web pages and are revamping the relevance to the SEO foundation.

High standard and engaging content will always be the ruler. However, people no longer go online to search for articles. They use keywords to pertinent articles and pages. So the more you use them, the better, and the higher your ranking.

Also, the key application in 2020 is the most exciting marketing trend. It’s wise to facilitate the investigation process with searchers and bring more visitors to your site.

Keep in mind that keywords enable smart searches and less time-consuming from a single word, many words, and phrases.

Content length

How long does your content have to go beyond Google’s instructions? The average word length is set at 2,400 words.

It allows you to sell your content, answer their questions, and provide them with adequate and practical solutions. So, if you want to get the top spot, your content must represent 2000 words or be of high quality.

Most people, to be 96 percent accurate, prefer video because it is more engaging and informative than just reading a few words.

It must be over 2,000 words if you want Google to rate and keep it high. It is not further writing, it provides better and more valuable information to the readers.

It’s linked to honesty, transparency, and reputable sites. Therefore, in addition to content length, backlinks are important SEO tools for every digital marketer.


It’s okay to stuff your page with high-quality content and words, and it should be mobile optimization, but trends are changing. The truth is, if your site does not have a user experience, you do not have a significant SEO feature.

User experience describes how easy it is to navigate your sites and how content attracts visitors – does it leave them or stay still? User experience dictates how secure, fast, and mobile-friendly the site is.

SEO and UX go hand in hand, and for digital marketers, this is a competition made in paradise. When targeting SEO search engines, UX marks the audience, both of which play a role in providing the best experience for the visitors to your website. This is the peak trend that smart digital marketers need to succeed in 2021.

Understanding Bert

BERT is Google’s new algorithm that aims to understand the natural language of a site visitor’s search patterns. This way, it can understand long-tail keyword searches and narrow down exactly what you need. BERT optimization will help in content visibility and significant in Google SEO.

Overall, BERT approaches the user’s needs in a search and aligns the content to suit their need instead of throwing everything out. By understanding the naturalness of the language, Google can link searches to accurate answers, thus placing the website that delivers results in the highest place.

Some of the factors that improve BERT on your website are the usage of keywords, stop word usage, content quality, and long-tail keywords.


Competition is fierce as more content struggles to gain traffic and relevance in Google SEO.

However, you can stay ahead of the competition by staying up to date with the latest trends and statistics about SEO or by using the services of an SEO expert.

Whether or not your website is affected in any area, the following should give you a better view of what needs to be done to make it relevant and visible.