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Unreal vs. Unity

Whether it is a video game console, characters, or game engines, people are interested in protecting their gaming industry favorites.

Focusing on gaming engines, Unity and Unreal Engine (UE4) are two of today’s most popular gaming engines. They are the best-suited tools for most independent developers. While several game development studios use their own exclusive game engines, there is plenty of Unity or unreal utilization.

Which one is better?

The unreal engine was revealed in 1998 by Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney. It started with its first title, ‘Unreal,’ and is unique in allowing players to change the game for the first time. Today Unreal is associated with excellent graphics and provides a great studio AAA-rating for games that utilize it. Epic Games, the company following Unreal Engine, has 200 million users through its game Fortnight and has grossed $ 1 billion as of January 2019. The unreal engine has 7 million users.

Founded in 2004 in Copenhagen, the founders of Unity wanted to access the game development worldwide. Today Unity is called the “Create Any Game” engine and is ideal for indie developers. More than 50% of games on all platforms use Unity, and all VR / AR content is powered by 60% Unity.

In fact, both engines makeup almost any game and can be used on most gaming platforms. But that doesn’t help you determine, does it? To answer which of these gaming engines is best for your needs, you must find answers for the following questions:

How much game development experience do you hold?

If you are just kick-starting with game development, we suggest Unity. It offers a highly instinctive design and uses C # programming language, which is easy to learn and fun to use. After spending a weekend taking Unity courses, it is not far off that you can create your first simple game and be ready to share it with friends.

In addition, plenty of information is available from unity developers online. For example: From online courses to YouTube videos to active community forums. For a complete beginner, the Unreal Engine is a mixed bag. There are two ways to program your games in Unreal with Blueprint Visual Scripting or C ++. Blueprint Visual Scripting can help you achieve some quick success if you are unfamiliar with programming. However, if you want to unleash Unreal’s full power, you need to learn C ++, which is hard for many to learn rather than the C # programming language used by Unity.

What set of games would you like to publish?

Both Unreal and Unity support the creation of 2D and fully 3D rendered games. You need to consider which form is worth the time and expense spent as a developer. If this is the 2D content you are creating, Unity is for you. It has a simple user interface and well-developed 2D tools. Unreal can be used for 2D game development, but epic games do not prioritize this feature over Unity.

If you are creating a very traditional action-packed first-person shooter game, choose Unreal Engine. The engine developed these types of games – for example, the Unreal Tournament, Borderlands, and Fortnite.

If you have the stunning scenes you want in your game, Unreal Engine is hard to beat. Although Unity has been active in improving its graphics offerings, this is a major difference between the two companies. Invincible Scenes is why big studios use Unreal in their game development.

It’s worth noting that Unreal thinks more about how you build your game than Unity. By default, developers use Unreal Engine’s gameplay framework to build games.

This illustrates a philosophical difference between companies:

  • Unreal includes very convenient tools out of the box, but they must use the “Unreal Way,” which can be difficult to learn and use.
  • Unity provides a simple foundation on which developers can create or purchase their own tools. This means that Unity focuses on creating a foundation that is uncomplicated and clean but requires more work to do yourself.

Some examples of features Unreal Engine are configured for its site, which requires Unity to have third-party plug-ins, or custom code includes:

  • AI Behavior Trees
  • Complex animation logic
  • Game storage system
  • Multiplayer
  • Gameplay skills
  • Confusion-destroying system

Even if you choose Unity, you can get a lot of inspiration from the Unreal Engine’s architectural results. If your ultimate goal is a game with impressive graphics, choose Unreal Engine.

Where do you want to publish your games?

How potential players will approach your game is an important consideration when deciding which machine to use. Both Unity and Unreal engines offer cross-platform integration, but Unity offers significantly more integration. Check out the list below for current operating system integrations offered by Unity vs. Unreal.

Unity Platform Integrations: iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, Tizen, Android TV, Samsung SMART TV, Xbox One & 360, Windows PC, Mac OS X, Linux, Web Player, WebGL, HoloLens, SteamOS, PS4, Playstation Vita, and Wii U

Unreal Engine Platform integrations: iOS, Android, VR, Linux, Windows PC, Mac OS X, SteamOS, HTML5, Xbox One, and PS4

Although both engines can be used to create mobile games, we like to use similarities to mobile operating systems. It is an easy machine to build 2D games and has an easy time to cut down on very little hardware. The Unity Lightweight Render pipeline is specifically targeted at low-power devices with older GPUs.

If you go for high-end devices like the Xbox One, both Unity and Unreal will work.

Unity provides greater cross-platform integration!

Do you want to earn money?

Both Unreal Engine and Unity are open to use, though, few conditions apply once you begin making money from the game.

Unity is introduced in three options:

  • Personal
  • Plus
  • Pro

Free for personal use, and developers can earn up to the US $ 100,000 per year through the program. This free app is required, including the “Made in Unity” splash screen in the game.

Plus costs $ 40 per month with an annual subscription. Developers can earn up to 000 200,000 per year and get additional benefits such as splash screen customization and integration with collaborative tools.

The Pro plans are $ 150 per month and have no seasonal income limit. Plus, you get all the benefits included with, plus three extra seats and a high-end art property suite. Allows developers to use the entire engine – with all its features – for free. If you decide to monetize your game and go over $ 3,000 per game per calendar quarter, Unreal pays a 5% return.

Both engines are experimental when building your games. If you wish to earn money on games, take the time to do some revenue analysis to find out which company’s pricing system is best for you.

Are you good at getting a job in a sports studio?

If you are learning Unreal or Unity to achieve the career goal as a game developer, commence by examining at which machine and programming languages ​​do the studios you want to use. Many studios use their own proprietary game machine; In this case, language is the most important factor in your career path. Various studios prefer C ++ knowledge, so learning Unreal and C ++ will be an advantage.

For other roles such as technical designer, stage designer, environmental artist, a studio would be advantageous for candidates who know the studio’s machine. The best news is that if you take the opportunity to learn an engine and want to learn a job interview quickly, you are already starting a startup.

Opt for Unity if


Opt for Unity if


You are a newbie to coding

You are ready for a challenge


Making a 2D mobile gaming


You are a first-person shooter


Looking to publish on multiple platforms


Aiming for high-quality visuals