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I’m sure you’ve heard of one of the passwords around the cloud: “Cloud Architect.” In this article, I will outline my understanding of what a cloud architect does, and analyze one’s skills and certifications. I will also list some of the types of jobs available if you decide to go down this career path.

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What is Cloud Architect?

Cloud computing architecture means the components and components needed for cloud computing. These components usually include a front-end operating system, rear-end operating systems, cloud-based distribution, and networking. Integrated, these components form the cloud computing framework. The design of cloud solutions is based on architectural practices and methods developed over the last 20 or more years.

The cloud architect is responsible for transforming the technical requirements of a project into structure and design, which will lead the end product. Often, cloud architects will also be accountable for bridging the space between composite business issues and solutions in the cloud.

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What initial skills are required?

If you are thinking of becoming a cloud architect, you will get an already strong background in cloud computing or a similar technical area. If you feel comfortable with most of the following ideas or some of them, you may be on the right track. Otherwise, I recommend some initial research or work on these areas before you tackle the role of Cloud Architect.

Good knowledge of at least one operating system will be beneficial. My choice is for any Linux operating system (eg, Ubuntu or Red Hot), but previous experience as an architect or administrator on any well-known operating system will be helpful.

Good knowledge of networking: TCP / IP, HTTP, IP addresses, DNS. I suggest you be a little familiar with these ideas before pursuing a role as a cloud architect.

Computer programming languages: You will need at least a basic understanding of the programming or scripting language. This is probably not necessary, but it will definitely help.

Security: Cloud protection is important and, as a result, requires a high level of understanding of primary security concepts for the cloud architect. Therefore some basic knowledge of security concepts such as firewalls is essential.

The above list is by no means exhaustive. If you are thinking of becoming a Cloud Architect it is important that you have a strong technical background. The cloud roster tre provides an updated list of popular technology skills, explains what the cloud architect is doing, provides key features and everyday expectations, and lists the target skill set. This list is updated monthly, so please check before you start the certification path.

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What is the next step?

Assuming you meet some of the prerequisites mentioned earlier, how do you become a Certified Cloud Architect now? It depends on the site you want:


AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate – This certification confirms technical expertise in building and deploying scalable, accessible, and fault-tolerant systems on the AWS operating system. This article describes how to prepare for the exam and talks in detail about the resources available at the Cloud Academy.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect – Microsoft Azure is an emerging market leader and requires expertise in computing, network, storage, and security to design Azure-powered solutions. To get Azure Solutions Architect certification, you must pass two exams: AZ-300 and AZ-301. It is not mandatory to clear the Associate-Level exams before taking these. The AZ-300 exam focuses on the technologies of Azure, and the AZ-301 exam focuses on design. Cloud Academy offers two learning avenues that include specific technologies and designs for ordering, configuring, and managing Microsoft Azure architecture seamlessly.

AZ-300 Exam Product: Technologies for Microsoft Azure Architects

AZ-301 Exam Product: Designing Microsoft Azure Architecture

You can also check out our webinar, the Microsoft Azure AZ-300, and AZ-301 choices: what to expect and how to pass.

Learn more about what the choices are:

  • Creating, Designing, Deploying, Migrating, Integrating and Building an Azure Infrastructure
  • Determining workload requirements
  • Safely handles workloads in Azure
  • Implementing Azure authentication and protecting data
  • Designing a business continuity strategy

Google Cloud Site

Professional Cloud Architect – A professional cloud architect who helps companies improve Google cloud technologies. With complete knowledge of cloud architecture and the Google Cloud operating system, this person can design, create, and manage robust, secure, scalable, highly accessible, and dynamic solutions to drive business objectives.

I am a Certified Cloud Architect – what next?

Once you pass the certification exam, this qualification unlocks a lot of new career opportunities for you, some of which you never thought of. Some of the world’s most innovative companies in big data AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform certified solutions can accomplish nothing without the help of architects.

With over one million active customers, AWS offers flexibility, scalability, and reliability. General Electric, IBM, and Meteorology are some of the companies currently using big data in AWS. You may find yourself working in a medical institution and developing a solution to predict a patient’s genetic predisposition to the disease. If you want to travel, you can get a job at Expedia, which runs its “Expedia Service” travel service using AWS. Don’t forget Netflix, one of AWS’s biggest customers. Netflix entrusts AWS with the most accessible and error-tolerant content distribution of its movies and media.

Microsoft Azure is the fast-evolving cloud provider for building, testing, implementing, and handling applications and services through Microsoft managed data centers. A few companies that use Azure include Adobe, Apple iCloud, eBay, Samsung, Xerox, NFL, and NBC.

With numerous clients, Google Cloud Platform is the best hub of cloud computing services that operate on the very same infrastructure that Google uses locally for its end-user products. As a professional cloud architect, you can view Google cloud solution architect positions.

Cloud architecture plays a key role in high demand, and the possibilities are endless. Predicting continuous rapid growth over the next few years, becoming a certified cloud architect is surely a step in the right path, a career choice, and an opportunity to embark on new and exciting technologies.