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Apache Spark Interview Questions

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Created By Hemanth S Last Updated 03-Nov-2019 English
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    2 Hours
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    38 Lessons
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What Will I Learn?
  • Most commonly asked Apache Spark Interview questions
  • How to answer the questions and their counter questions
  • Detailed discussion of topics frequently asked in a job interview
  • Demand higher salary or promotion based on the knowledge gained!!

  • Good understanding of Apache Spark
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Apache Spark is one of the fastest growing trend in Data Science and Data engineering world. Big companies like Amazon, Netflix, Google etc use Apache Spark. This course is designed to help you achieve your goals in Data Science field. Data Engineer and Software Engineers with Apache Spark knowledge may get more salary than others with similar qualifications without Apache Spark knowledge.

In this course, you will learn how to handle interview questions on Apache Spark in Software Development. I will explain you the important concepts of Apache Spark.

You will also learn the benefits and use cases of Apache Spark in this course. 

Curriculum For This Course
38 Lessons 2 Hours
  • What are the main features of Apache Spark? 00:03:35 Preview
  • What is a Resilient Distribution Dataset in Apache Spark? 00:03:10
  • What is a Transformation in Apache Spark? 00:02:31
  • What are the Security operations in Apache Spark? 00:02:59
  • How will you monitor Apache Spark? 00:02:47
  • What are the main libraries of Apache Spark? 00:03:25 Preview
  • What are the main functions of Spark Core in Apache Spark? 00:02:24
  • How will you do memory tuning in Spark? 00:04:18
  • What are the two ways to create RDD in Spark? 00:02:38
  • What are the common Transformations in Apache Spark? 00:03:14
  • What are the common Actions in Apache Spark? 00:02:45
  • What is a Shuffle operation in Spark? 00:02:44
  • What is purpose of Spark SQL? 00:03:08
  • What is a DataFrame in Spark SQL? 00:02:14
  • What is a Parquet File in Spark? 00:02:33
  • What is the difference between Apache Spark and Apache Hadoop MapReduce? 00:03:27
  • What are the main languages supported by Apache Spark? 00:02:38
  • What are the file systems supported by Spark? 00:02:20
  • What is an RDD Lineage? 00:03:18
  • What are the different deployment modes of Apache Spark? 00:02:30
  • What is lazy evaluation in Apache Spark?? 00:02:27
  • What are the core components of a distributed application in Apache Spark? 00:03:10
  • How will you remove data from cache in Apache Spark? 00:03:11
  • Do we need HDFS for running Spark application? 00:02:19
  • What is Spark Streaming? 00:03:23
  • What is a Pipeline in Apache Spark? 00:02:43
  • What are the different types of Cluster Managers in Apache Spark? 00:02:23
  • How will you minimize data transfer while working with Apache Spark? 00:02:35
  • What is the main use of MLib in Apache Spark? 00:02:40
  • What is Checkpointing in Apache Spark? 00:02:58
  • What is an Accumulator in Apache Spark? 00:03:05
  • What is Structured Streaming in Apache Spark? 00:02:28
  • What is a Property Graph? 00:02:24
  • What is Neighborhood Aggregation in Spark? 00:02:12
  • What are different Persistence levels in Apache Spark? 00:02:37
  • How will you select the storage level in Apache Spark? 00:02:26
  • What are the options in Spark to create a Graph? 00:02:25
  • What are the basic Graph operators in Spark? 00:02:28

Apache Spark Interview Questions