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Complete MS Access for Beginners

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Created By Wilbert A Last Updated Wed, 15-Jul-2020 English
  • Course Duration
    7 Hours
  • Mode of Training
  • Lessons
    50 Lessons
  • Validity
    Life Time
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What Will I Learn?
  • Learn to create a simple DATABASE in Access from Scratch
  • Learn to create and modify TABLES in Access
  • Learn to create FORMS to enter data into your tables
  • Learn how to create QUERIES to ask questions of your Access databases
  • Learn to create REPORTS for sharing and presenting your data in a professional way

  • Microsoft Access installed in your PC
  • Little experience on MS Access
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This course will improve your skills you possess to organize your data in tables, mine your data using queries and to create clean professional reports for better understandings.

This course is mainly designed for beginners who can add this in their skill set for the job applications. This course will be the best fit for one who has little experience with access already and with this course you will be able to fine tune your skills easily.

We start up this course, with a complete tour of Access and its tools. Then I will show how to open an Access Database and how to use the pre-formatted Access templates provided by the Microsoft so that you can start away immediately.

Learn to create a Database from the scratch. In this course, you will learn:

  • Create a complete Access Database from the scratch.
  • Create the tables and connect all the tables to each other using relationships.
  • Mine your data using queries and create the forms so user can enter data into your databases. 
  • Gain the insights and productivity tips along the course.

Curriculum For This Course
50 Lessons 7 Hours
  • Take a Tour of the Access Dashboard and Ribbon 00:10:08 Preview
  • Learn About Access Objects Tables, Queries, Forms and Reports 00:11:57 Preview
  • Create Your First Table in Access 00:17:53 Preview
  • Appending Data from Excel into Access 00:07:50
  • Importing Data from Excel into Access 00:06:48
  • Importing Data from a CSV Text File into Access 00:07:16
  • Database Design and Table Relationship Basics in Access 00:07:19 Preview
  • More Complex Database Design Scenarios 00:03:53
  • Primary Keys and Foreign Keys in Relationships 00:15:04
  • Introduction to Field Properties in Access Tables 00:03:39
  • Size, Format & Input Mask Field Properties 00:16:05
  • Default Value, Validation Rules & Indexed Field Properties in Access 00:15:59
  • Introduction to Access Forms 00:08:36 Preview
  • Create and Format a Form Using the Form Wizard 00:14:05
  • Add Controls to Your Form for Better Usability 00:15:15
  • Add Navigation Buttons and Drop Down (Combo) Boxes to Your Form 00:16:08
  • Introduction to Queries, Sorting and Filtering 00:10:42
  • Create a Query Using a Single Criteria 00:07:54
  • Criteria in Queries - Many Examples 00:16:14
  • Introduction to Reports - Create Your First Report 00:06:11
  • Create Two More Reports 00:12:57
  • Options - General and Current Database Option Tabs 00:10:12
  • Options - Datasheet and Other Option Tabs 00:09:41
  • Exporting Tables, Queries & Reports to Text, PDF and Excel 00:05:04
  • Introduction Warning for the ADVANCED Section of this Course 00:01:43 Preview
  • Introduction to VBA in Access 00:04:25
  • VBA Setup in Access 00:15:25
  • VBA Debugging in Access 00:06:56
  • Part 1 - How to Use PROPERTIES to Make Your Forms Better 00:08:33
  • Part 2 - How to Use PROPERTIES to Make Your Forms Better 00:06:48
  • Create and Format a New Form from Scratch 00:05:35
  • Add Working Combo Boxes to Your Form 00:04:29
  • Set Your Combo Box Options 00:07:34
  • Further Refinements to Your Combo Boxes 00:07:53
  • Run an Event Property to Modify Your Category Box 00:03:17
  • Modify the Quantity Box In Your Form 00:07:51
  • Modify the Cost Box in Your Form 00:09:22
  • Finish the Total Cost Message Box to Complete Your Form 00:03:55
  • Access Glossary Download PDF
  • A - Autoform, Autonumber and Autoreport 00:05:17
  • B - Bound Control and Button 00:03:17
  • C - Captions, Cascade Delete/Update, Column Header, Column Selector, Control 00:08:59
  • D - Data Types, Datasheet & Design View, Default Form, Delimitted 00:06:35
  • E - Exporting and Expressions 00:04:15
  • F - Field, Field Properties, Foreign Key, Form, Fixed Width 00:07:28
  • I - Importing, Indexing and Input Mask 00:10:42
  • P - Primary Key and Property Sheet 00:04:07
  • R - Record, Record Selector, Record Set, Referential Intergrity, Rows & Rulers 00:04:40
  • S - Show Table, Spit Form & Sub Form 00:04:16
  • Course Summary 00:05:15

Complete MS Access for Beginners