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DevOps : Continuous Code Integration with TeamCity in Java

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Created By Sahibdeep B Last Updated Tue, 24-Mar-2020 English
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    1 Hours
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  • Lessons
    12 Lessons
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What Will I Learn?
  • Learn the basics of Continuous Integration
  • Introduction to TeamCity tool
  • Installing the TeamCity tool in Windows
  • Learn how to create local Maven based Java Application and proceed to integrate with TeamCity for achieving automated build process

  • Basic Programming Knowledge
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The time when software developer build their software program, maintaining and performing everyday sanity testing has become a mundane task. To overcome the mundane Devops related activity, it can be easily automated and productivity of Software development team can improve the software quality and focus more on logical programming and business implementation.

Hence, the automating all the build process and deployment is considered as continuous integration activity in a Software Development Life Cycle. They are many tools available in the market for Automated Continuous Integration and one among the tool is TeamCity.

This course mainly focus on enterprise level and highly feature rich continuous integration tool TeamCity. We will be also learning how to build process of Maven based Java Application and package it to generated artifacts.

Curriculum For This Course
12 Lessons 1 Hours
  • What is Continuous integration 00:05:18 Preview
  • What is TeamCity 00:03:40
  • Download & Install TeamCity 00:01:37 Preview
  • Start Teamcity server and Install Agent 00:10:52
  • Walkthrough of TeamCity 00:13:29
  • Introduction 00:01:43 Preview
  • Create Github account & repository 00:01:40
  • Create Maven based Java application 00:03:58
  • Check-in code to version control : Github 00:05:51
  • Create TeamCity Project & Build configuration 00:13:10
  • Run build 00:06:35
  • VCS Trigger 00:08:17

DevOps : Continuous Code Integration with TeamCity in Java