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Microservices Architecture for Beginners

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Created By David P Last Updated Mon, 16-Mar-2020 English
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    2 Hours
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What Will I Learn?
  • Learn the challenges of Monolithic Software Development
  • Learn about the concepts of Microservices Architecture
  • Cloud-native Applications
  • Key Advantages of Microservices Architecture
  • Industry Case study
  • Implementation Changes

  • Basic understandings of Cloud Computing models (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS)
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Until then, most of the enterprise-level application were designed, developed and maintained as one giant monolithic applications. With every small changes in application needs to be build, test and deploy all applications modules as one package. This practice will not allow the fast changing agile business landscapes. 

Microservices are the latest innovative development style. This kind of Architecture are implemented on most of the companies such as Netflix, Facebook, Amazon and others. Microservices are the building blocks for the cloud-based applications and nowadays many companies are following this approach.

The following are the solid theoretical understandings of a micro-service concept:

  • The industrial definition of micro-services and the building blocks of a single micro-service.
  • Then from the micro level we move on to the macro level and talk about the concept of microservice architecture.
  • We will be looking into the key benefits for this approach.

This course is for Software Professionals, Developers, Cloud Architects and Product Managers for Cloud-native Applications.

Curriculum For This Course
21 Lessons 2 Hours
  • Course Objectives and Structure 00:02:52 Preview
  • Overview 00:02:33 Preview
  • What is a Monolithic Application? 00:08:40
  • #1 – Complex Release Cycles 00:04:22
  • #2 - Scaling the Team 00:03:35
  • #3 - Scaling the System 00:04:12
  • Summary 00:02:12
  • What are Micro-services? 00:05:08 Preview
  • Looking inside a Micro-service 00:11:10
  • Introduction 00:01:34 Preview
  • Small Size and Loosely Coupled 00:05:42
  • Organised around Business Capabilities 00:05:07
  • Managed as Products 00:04:12
  • Smart Endpoints and Dumb Pipes 00:08:48
  • #1 - Independently Developed and Deployed 00:04:47
  • #2 - Frequent and Faster Delivery 00:06:48 Preview
  • #3 - The Best Tool for the Job 00:03:11
  • #4 - More Granular Scaling 00:06:03
  • And also few Challenges 00:06:30
  • Netflix - Industry Case Study 00:06:16
  • Quick Recap and Thank You! 00:03:43

Microservices Architecture for Beginners