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Quick guide for Git

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Created By Ankit Sharma Last Updated Sun, 08-Mar-2020 English
  • Course Duration
    2 Hours
  • Mode of Training
  • Lessons
    17 Lessons
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    Life Time
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What Will I Learn?
  • Local vs Remote repository
  • Git and Github
  • Various Git commands

  • Basic Knowledge of Version-control system (Optional)
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Learn Git from scratch and how to work with a community using remote repository. In this tutorial, you will learn how to use Github and push local repository to remote repository. And also, you learn all the git commands and its use cases when you use to manage your project in both local and remote repository.

Most of the companies, now moving their repository to git and learning this course, will help you to easily understand git at your workplace.

Curriculum For This Course
17 Lessons 2 Hours
  • Introduction and Installation of Git 00:04:45 Preview
  • Initial Setup After Git Installation 00:04:02
  • Git three stage Architecture 00:06:14 Preview
  • Practically Explained Git three stage architecture with tracking 00:10:10
  • Cloning a Remote Git Repository from Github into Local Drive 00:07:50
  • Git Status Life Cycle 00:04:26
  • gitignore Ignoring files and folders in Git 00:11:56
  • git diff command to differentiate between working area and staging area 00:04:58 Preview
  • Commiting Files Without Moving It To stagged area Skip Stagged Area 00:03:13
  • Renaming or moving and Deleting any files Manually as well as from the Gitbash 00:06:21
  • Untracked the Tracked Files in GiT 00:04:21
  • Git Log Details about git log in GIT 00:12:23
  • Ammending Modification with Previous Commit 00:05:55
  • Know About Git Branches Merging 2 Git Branches 00:05:18
  • What is GitHub How to Push The Code from your Device to Github 00:12:58
  • Know about Git Alias Put your shortcut Command in Git Bash 00:06:58
  • Push Git Branches to Repository and Deleting Branches 00:14:20

Quick guide for Git