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Selenium Webdriver in Java

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Created By Sana Vigneshwar Last Updated Wed, 27-May-2020
  • Course Duration
    2 Hours
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  • Lessons
    12 Lessons
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What Will I Learn?
  • Get the basic concepts of Selenium Webdriver in Java
  • Learn the Selenium concepts with LIVE examples

  • Core Java Programming knowledge
  • Basic Knowledge in Software Testing
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Get the basic knowledge on Selenium Webdriver from this short course. This course will give you good insight on the concepts. 

All the concepts are explained with the LIVE examples. The following things are discussed in this course : 

  • How do we download Selenium?
  • How to create Selenium Java Project?
  • How do we launch the application in browser using Selenium?
  • Other Selenium automated scenarios.

Curriculum For This Course
12 Lessons 2 Hours
  • Section Introduction 00:00:38 Preview
  • How to Download Selenium | Create a new selenium project Set up 00:08:10
  • Section Summary 00:00:45
  • How to maximize the browser window? || How to retrieve title of the webpage? 00:05:22 Preview
  • How to run tests in HeadLess mode? 00:06:36
  • How to identify webElements in Selenium? || Different kinds of locators 00:16:10 Preview
  • How to write xpath in Selenium? 00:18:38
  • How to write cssSelector to identify elements in Selenium? 00:20:02
  • What is abstraction in Java || How can we apply abstraction in Selenium project? 00:13:44 Preview
  • Live Project scenarios || Logout functionality ||Scope of webDriver instance 00:15:22
  • Live project description || Test scenarios to automate 00:03:10
  • How to handle dropdownList in Selenium|| Handling comboBox in Selenium WebDriver 00:18:31

Selenium Webdriver in Java