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Virtual Box from Beginner to Expert!!

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Created By Stephen M Last Updated Wed, 18-Mar-2020 English
  • Course Duration
    2 Hours
  • Mode of Training
  • Lessons
    20 Lessons
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    Life Time
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What Will I Learn?
  • Installing Virtual Box on Windows
  • Create and run virtual machines
  • Installing Ubuntu on Virtual machine
  • Learn how to take snapshots and restore from snapshots
  • Understand and configure various Network Adapters
  • Learn how to setup DHCP server in VirtualBox
  • Understand how to navigate the command line interface for VirtualBox
  • Create a Virtual machine using Command line interface
  • Learn how to install Windows 10 on VirtualBox

  • Basic Computer knowledge
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In this course, you will be learning and understanding basics of Virtualization and configure various features available in Oracle VirtualBox.

The following topics are covered in this course:

  • Basics of Virtualization
  • Download and Install VirtualBox
  • Create your first virtual machine 
  • Install Ubuntu desktop as guest OS
  • Learn how to do snapshots and clones
  • General settings like import and export, group etc.
  • Learn how to use various networking options available in VirtualBox like Bridged mode, NAT, port forwarding, etc.
  • Understand the VBOXMANAGE utility.
  • To create a virtual machine using command line interface.
  • Collect host/virtual machine related resource usage data using command line interface.
Curriculum For This Course
20 Lessons 2 Hours
  • Basics of virtualization 00:08:16 Preview
  • Download and install Virtualbox 00:02:57 Preview
  • Create your first virtual machine and installing Ubuntu desktop 00:11:30
  • Snapshots 00:12:14 Preview
  • Cloning : Full Clones 00:05:20
  • Cloning : Linked Clones 00:03:35
  • General Settings in virtualbox 00:06:06
  • Perform Group operations 00:01:56
  • Import and export appliances 00:01:56
  • Introduction to networking in virtualbox 00:02:47
  • Bridged Network 00:06:14
  • How to setup DHCP server and configure internal network in virtual box 00:10:31
  • Host only network 00:05:09
  • NAT 00:05:21
  • NAT network and port forwarding 00:05:13
  • Introduction to command line interface VBOXMANAGE 00:03:00
  • Overview of various general options in VBOXMANAGE 00:06:46
  • Create a virtual machine using VBOXMANAGE 00:14:45
  • Collecting resource usage metrics using VBOXMANAGE 00:07:00
  • Snapshots using VBOXMANAGE 00:09:01

Virtual Box from Beginner to Expert!!