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Key Features

100% Practical training

Experienced Trainers

100% Placement assistance

Small batch size

Customized training content

Real-time project training

Fully equipped cloud lab

100% customer support

100% Money back guarantee

Career Opportunities

The average salary of an Actimize specialist is $ 83,583 per year.
There are 36107 of positions available that demand Actimize professionals with knowledge of RPA.
Some companies that use Actimize are Wells Fargo, BankUnited, Citi, PNC, MUFG, USAA, and more.
Actimize offers several more jobs such as Actimize Developer, Tech Lead Software Engineer - NICE Actimize, AML Manager, Actimize Consultant, First Line Support Engineer, and Actimize Production Support, etc.



About the Actimize training course

Spark Databox's Actimize training will help you to grow as an expert in creating applications of RPA by capitalizing the skills of UI Automation, Import CSV to Salesforce, Web Automation, and more. The Actimize course will also afford you with comprehensive knowledge on peril management aspects of financial crime, cybercrime, market exploitation, consents monitoring, subsidized consumer, insider trading, and corporate security. Our training is tailored to the most advanced features of Actimize, and it is important to learn them to receive the Actimize certification. You will also be trained in real-time projects during our Actimize training.

Create new architectures, the task of work, reports, dashboards and more with real visual planning tools.

Recognize, prevent, and investigate budgetary constraints

Get a map of how to implement the Actimize platform design and its capabilities.

Improve selection performance through robust work processes.

Run errors, chance metrics, and misfortunes through automatic dashboards and reports. 

Combine budgetary misconduct and consistent selection form on trial by promoting and combining alarms generated from any internal or external framework.

There are no specific requirements for taking up the Actimize training course. Any aspirants wishing to learn and manage RPA programming can enroll to this course. However, possessing some knowledge of financial management will be highly beneficial but not mandatory. 

This course will benefit the following professionals:

Strategic Manager


IT patrons and implementers

Virtual Workers

Experts who require developing their skills with the most contemporary developments

Introduction to Actimize

Actimize is a subsidiary of NICE Systems, Evading Financial Mistakes, Providing Complete and Risk Management Services to Most prominent Global Government Controls and Financial Institutions. Actimize training specialists will help learners in developing applications of RPA. 

Intelligent investigation

Comprehensive coverage against financial crime

Productive administration

Accelerated arrangement

Actimize online training is a different aspect of a carrier. This indicates that by using RPA programming, students will have the required skills to perform their regular business tasks efficiently. Likewise, they will have the ability to determine the classification of problems they will find when implementing their efforts. Furthermore, they will have the intelligence to anticipate the process quickly and accurately without the probability of human error. In the current business environment, Actimize has been utilized to carry out a variety of difficult tasks by all associations.

The Actimize enables organizations to stay away from money problems by providing satisfactory and risky system administrations to significant authorities around the world and supporting money-based foundations.

An Actimize online training course empowers members in creating RPA applications. Completing this online training of the RPA Learner Foundation prepares an understanding of the structures that are detrimental to tax evasion and swapping investigative assignments. 

Actimize training course Members help the learners to manage cybercrime, installment theft, abuse, watch over obstacles, buyer because of reliability and internal exchange.

This course is considered extraordinary to enable learners to handle RPA programming effectively. 

The Actimize online training provides the best full-fledged fair idea to master the Actimize RPA instrument. 

At Spark Databox, we assist you in achieving your point and lead you to the heights of your profession.

The best global companies around the globe offer opportunities for Actimize professionals. 

Actimize specialists have made significant strides, and the experts are turning towards advance developments.

Actimize Exam and Certification

Our certification training programs are role-based, converged on the knowledge and periodic tasks that every person in your organization demands. Spark Databox characterizes extensive workshops to accomplish the Actimize certification with ease.

Learners will be well instructed with hands-on training to accomplish the Actimize certification.

Actimize skills are needed for all administration organizations to hinder the efficiency of fraudulence.

Actimize can provide great productivity and information processing skills when dealing with RPA applications.

Almost all businesses need protective capabilities to increase the efficiency of Corporate Security. 

Primary lifeline of these patterns is knowledge. This may be customer disclosures such as transactions, records, performances, etc. It derives from the association’s framework for making the process real. External information model may include transfer information, monitoring logs and more directly from an external supplier. Actimize online training provides inbuilt links to content logs, MQ formation, XML, web services, and more, where you gain comprehensive knowledge.

Upcoming Batches

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Note : We can arrange classes on different timings up on customer request. Please call us to schedule classes as per your convenient timings. We can arrange one to one training up on customer request.