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Computer networking online training

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Career Opportunities

The average salary of Computer networking professionals ranges from $67,660 to $226,362.
There are 2890+ jobs available that demand Computer networking professionals with knowledge of Computer networking technology.
Some companies that use Computer networking are IBM, Microsoft, CISCO, Intel, Siemens, Qualcomm, Verizon, Brocade, and more.
Computer networking offers several more jobs such as Computer networking Programmer, Computer networking Engineer, Computer-Operations Researcher, and more



About the Computer networking online training course

Explore the basics of computer networking with this online curriculum. You will improve your understanding of key concepts and gain the confidence to teach the lesson in the classroom.

In this Computer networking online training course, you will describe the different types of computer networks and how to transmit data securely. You will include the real-world application of networking technology to improve your understanding. You are also familiar with how the Internet works, including routing, DNS, and the World Wide Web.

Essential networking concepts (LANs, WANs, Ethernet, and more)

Troubleshooting and solving network issues

Learning Wireless technologies like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and security

Protection for various types of network

Types of Authentication and their corresponding configurations and control

Network configuration and implementation

One should be familiar with the TCP/IP protocol.

Basic knowledge of python is expected.

Working knowledge of Linux and virtual machines will be beneficial. 

Introduction to Computer Networking

Now that we have wireless networks, these connections are even more complex. However, you can find building blocks for building computer networks with courses designed to give you those basic skills. As businesses explore the world of IoT, building strong, but secure systems is even more important. Network devices are vulnerable to attacks and broken connections, so your expertise is essential.

In large companies, computers in the workplace must be connected to a unit. Whether it's an organization or any other distributed hub, machines need to share resources to achieve their goals. Creating these networks demands skill, so it is important to understand computer networks to make these connections. Network addresses must be set and authenticated. Network connections must be firm. Building these types of networks requires a lot of thought, but with the right knowledge, you can provide your geographic area and beyond with secure, reliable network devices. Whether it is the local area network for your business or your home wireline, you need a little knowledge to get started. These computer devices require a shared operating system, some network security, and Internet protocol to keep sensitive information secure. When you add in connected printers and other office supplies, it is an attempt to connect everything.

Whatever you want to learn, SparkDatabox has courses designed in partnership with leading companies in this field. You can learn about IoT protocols and networks with Curtin, explore open source networking with Linux, and understand the basics of IT support with Microsoft. You will learn the basics of cabling and creating physical layers and wireless layers. Some networks demand the use of Ethernet cables, but as we shift into the cloud, more and more networks are wireless. Spark Databox courses cover what you need.

Network management is a huge field because we demand that our devices become more connected. Whether it's our companies' private networks or public Wi-Fi, having a secure network is a big deal. Our smartphones and mobile devices are essential links that we have with the world around us, so the network designs that make up that connection are important. Allow Spark Databox to provide you with the instruction and knowledge you need from your home. There are all the tools needed for network design, so use your skills and make us safer, more connected, and more efficient.

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