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Career Opportunities

The average salary of Hadoop Professionals is up to $123,000 per year. The companies are in high demand for Hadoop professionals and growing in the specialization.
Global Hadoop Market is progressing to reach $99.31 Billion by 2022, and there is a shortage of 2 million Hadoop professionals in the US alone.
The top companies using Hadoop are Amazon Web Services, Cloudera, Intel, Microsoft, Teradata, Pivotal Software, Hortonworks, MapR Technologies. There will be a necessity for more Hadoop developers to deal with big data challenges.
There are abundant of job profiles available out there for Hadoop professionals like Linux Hadoop Administrator, Hadoop Database Development Team Lead, Hadoop Engineer, Hadoop Architect, Hadoop Tester, and Hadoop Developer.



About course

The best Hadoop online course is here. Our expert trainers at Spark Databox are here ready to guide you and launch your career. Hadoop online Training is intended to give you a certified Hadoop profession by equipping you with productive hands-on training on Hadoop Ecosystem. Hadoop online training certification training is an excellent way to your Big Data drive, and you will perceive the possibility to work on multiple Hadoop projects. Hadoop Online Training will help you learn and understand MapReduce Concepts explained by our industry experts. This training will also help you learn about handling the Apache Hadoop ecosystems like Hive, Pig, and HBase with real-time Project training. This course gives you a clear understanding of how to develop a Hadoop application using the appropriate frameworks for the suitable Apache Project ecosystem in a real-time situation. This practice will help you to develop your own custom application. We designed this course in order to adhere to the current industry standards. We ensure that the candidates who are not familiar with enough technical knowledge can also learn & shine in this Hadoop training.

Understand about Hadoop ecosystem and core components

Understand how to formulate HDFS/MapReduce applications

Understand how to write and utilize effectively Hive & Pig Scripts

Understand fundamentally how the management role is even manipulated for a batch structure

Understand how to address and use completely Flume and Zookeeper tools

Learn thoroughly on the internal design involved on all the Hadoop platforms

Learn how to intensify your coding skills using HBase and Sqoop tools

To understand thoroughly how real-time projects match the big data platform

Learn to write HDFS & MapReduce framework programs, Hive & Pig Scripts

Comprehend the boundaries of Big Data and how Hadoop can resolve those problems

Hadoop is one of the progressing and most assuring fields, counting all the technologies accessible in the IT sector presently. To be benefitted from these shots, you require an organized training with the most advanced schedule as per modern industry demands and best practices. Besides sound academic knowledge, you demand to work on multiple real-world Hadoop projects applying distinct Hadoop tools as a part of the explication approach. Among all, you lack the supervision of a Hadoop specialist who is currently operating in a similar industry on real-world Hadoop projects and overcoming everyday hurdles while implementing the particular plan.
Anyone who wants to start their big data carrier can pursue Hadoop online training course, especially the following:

Software Developers

Project Managers

Software Architects

ETL Developer

Data Warehousing Professionals

Data Engineers

Data Analysts

Business Intelligence Professionals

DBAs and DB professionals

IT Professionals

Testing professionals

Mainframe professionals

And fresher’s wishing to develop a career in Hadoop sector

Apache Hadoop:  

HDFS core concepts

Hadoop ecosystem

Utility commands

Architecture flow 

MapReduce Framework:


Data types

MapReduce program execution

Additionally, you will acquire performance-enhancing of accomplished MapReduce jobs, Apache Hive, Apache Pig, Apache Sqoop, Apache HBase, Apache Zookeeper, Apache Flume, and Apache Pig

There are no specific prerequisites for Hadoop Online Course. But previous knowledge of Core Java and SQL will be beneficial.
Each Live Project we influence you to attempt amid the course makes you a stride nearer to being a pro IT proficient. With extraordinary project support, undertaking ventures for learners is never an overwhelming errand at Spark Databox

Introduction to Hadoop

Hadoop is open-source software, open for anyone to use, that can be climbed for use with modest datasets on few computers to huge ones using large bunches of computers. The advantage of Hadoop is that it is devised to identify and assess for hardware malfunctions. It improves the processing capacity to possible resources, thus reducing the downtime. The Hadoop software library is detailed and supported by The Apache Hadoop project, and significant organizations throughout the globe use the software for both private and customer applications.

With Hadoop, we can look for data, operate with record files or index data derived from web crawlers, examining images and videos, and managing Big Data. Therefore, if you hold a massive volume of (terabytes) data, or you need to store only text file, binary files, modified versions of the same data, then Hadoop is the perfect solution as it is resilient and an excellent option to process data accurately. So, join in Hadoop online training course now and obtain the best Hadoop training.

When you enroll for Hadoop training, you will be learning either MapReduce or Apache Spark in the training. This will be processed in any Hadoop online course training.

So, the difference between Hadoop and Apache spark is:

Apache Spark 
The processing speed of Apache Spark is much faster than that of Hadoop.
The computational rate is slow in Hadoop as it reads and writes the language from the disk
Apache Spark is proficient in handling batch, machine learning, and all streaming actions in the very quantity.
Hadoop is capable of handling only the batch.
Apache can process real-time data. 
Hadoop is good to handle a large volume of data but not real-time data.

Data analytics involves the processing of current data and offer judgments by following the analytics of those data. Essentially, it is a method to procure insights from a considerable quantity of data.

Big data Hadoop involves a massive amount of data (structured, semi-structured, and unstructured that we obtain from the various digital factor like social media, e-commerce websites, internet, etc.) which includes a set of data. However, it can’t be processed utilizing conventional techniques.

Hadoop Exam & Certification

At the end of the Hadoop online training course, candidates are supposed to work in a real-time project with good results to receive the course completed certification. If the candidates fail to deliver good results on a real-time project, we will assist them by the solution for their doubts and queries and support reattempting the project.

Hadoop is the most actively progressing and the most hopeful technology for managing vast amounts of data for performing data analytics. This Hadoop online training will assist you to stand up and to work in the utmost professional abilities. All top Multinational companies are trying to get into Big Data Hadoop; therefore, there is a great need for certified Hadoop professionals. Our Hadoop online training will assist you in learning and improving your career in the Big Data Hadoop domain. Hitting the Hadoop certification from Spark Databox can place you in a distinct group when it develops to demanding for the best jobs. Spark Databox’s Hadoop online training course has been designed with a full focus on the practical perspectives of Big Data Hadoop.
All of our profoundly qualified trainers are industry experts with at least 12-15 years of consistent teaching experience. Each of our mentors has gone through a meticulous selection method, which includes profile screening, professional evaluation, and a training class demo before they are approved to the training session. We also assure that only those trainers with high alumni rank continue to train candidates.
Once you complete the Hadoop Online training course, you will be awarded the most valuable Spark Databox’s Hadoop certificate which is recognized by companies all over India. If you wish to pursue external certification, We are happy to help you in every possible way. There are four different types of Hadoop Certifications available:

Cloudera Hadoop Certification

Hortonworks Hadoop Certification

MapR Hadoop Certification

IBM Hadoop Certification

As long as you get cleared, you are permitted to try the test. However, our Hadoop online training courses are educated with the professional experts that our candidates will pass the Hadoop exam with good score. But, in the chance of failure, you have to pay over the certification again to retake the course exam. However, we advise you to be dedicated to the training course and work on your doubts before you arrive on the exam.
If you slip external certification, in the first attempt, you can retake the exam after 30 days by paying the reattempt fees.

Job Opportunities

Top companies are seeking investment in Hadoop and are choosing Hadoop to save & analyze data. Therefore, the demand for Hadoop jobs is also multiplying. If you are fascinated to pursue a bright career in the Hadoop field, this is the best time, to begin with, Hadoop Online Training.
We have gathered a comprehensive index of blogs and free tutorials to aid beginners who are striving to learn and master Hadoop. Once you are all done with learning the basics and setting a strong foundation, the online training certification will get you a master of Hadoop.
Gigantic Job Opportunities: There is an immense difference in demand and the number of skillful Hadoop professionals across the globe.

A rise in Salary: The wages for qualified Hadoop professionals is boosting increasing by the day due to the influential demand.

A High Priority to Data Analytic Tool: Hadoop is a top priority data analytic tool for several companies. The majority of businesses consider that the tool boosts the performance of their organization to a great extent. The companies use the Hadoop to get insights into their sales and production.

The Growth of Unstructured and Semistructured Data Analytics: There is massive growth for unstructured and semistructured data analytics. Several organizations are processing and examining unstructured data sources, including social media, e-mail, photos, video, and weblogs.

Selection of Big Data Analytics is Evolving: New technologies are now realizing it more comfortable to perform more complex data analytics on massive and different datasets. Most of them are currently working some high-level analytics on Big Data Hadoop, for Business Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, and Data Mining Tasks.

Hands on knowledge and experience in composing MapReduce operations

Writing manageable, stable and high-performance code

Should hold good analytical and problem-solving abilities

Understanding of data loading tools such as Sqoop

Knowledge and understanding of additional Hadoop concepts such as Hive and HBase

Having Knowledge on Concurrency and multi-threading concepts

Should be ready to write Pig Latin Scripts

Knowing Hadoop development and implementation

Advancing in security and data privacy

Understanding HBase administration and deployment

Recommending best standards and practices

Spark Databox Placement assistance

Hadoop Certification Online Training is designed in a way that is placement oriented. There is the relevance of Hadoop, you will get a suitable route for placements. Spark Databox trainers will accompany you here. Our Placement Oriented Training is one of the most important elements of Hadoop Online Training Course.

At Spark Databox, we have a dedicated team possessing extensive network connections with top companies all over India and in the US. Upon completing the course, your profile will be marketed. With industry partners on-board, we will assure you have all the support you require to secure a job.
Yes, Spark Databox will guide you through in preparing your resume. With the team of experts, your resume will be powerfully written which will offer you a significant advantage over other job applicants. At Spark Databox we know how companies will look at your resume.
Spark Databox’s Hadoop certificate is widely recognized by companies all over India. Acquiring a certificate from Spark Databox will give you an unprecedented advantage over other job applicants.

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Note : We can arrange classes on different timings up on customer request. Please call us to schedule classes as per your convenient timings. We can arrange one to one training up on customer request.




All courses are designed for 50 hours approximately, but differs on case by case.
No issues even if you miss a live Hadoop session. Every session will be recorded, and access will be provided to all the videos on Spark Databox’s state-of-the-art course training system. You can watch the recorded sessions at your own time and convenience.
Training guidance has developed with the advance of technology over the years. Online training scores accessibility and quality to the training mode. With 24×7 assistance system, our online learners will always have some guide to help them even after the session expires. This is one of the great forces to ensure that the candidates accomplish their end learning goal.