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Career Opportunities

The average salary pay for the Informatica professional in the United States is $114,479 per year.
There are 2771 of positions available that demands professionals with knowledge of the Informatica PowerCenter.
Informatica is one of the most extensively utilized ETL tools. Organizations like General Motors Financial Company, CHRISTUS Health, U.S. Geological Survey, and NUWAVE SOLUTIONS are using Informatica to develop & manage their Data Warehouses.
Informatica career path roles include Informatica Developer, Informatica Administrator, Informatica Application Developer, Informatica Consultant, Informatica MDM Developer, ect.



About the Informatica Certificate Training Course

Spark Databox Informatica Certificate Training Course is a professionally designed course for comprehending the Informatica tool for ETL. You will get to know about how to configure, connect, and manage PowerCenter. And as a part of training practices, you will test and control data processing using a computerized, recognizable, and scalable approach. You will be guided in the workflow of Informatica, data warehousing, treasury control, and other essential methods.

Informatica Structure and Informatica Power Center

Informatica configuration and installation

Handling and observing the workflow of Informatica 

Understanding Informatica PowerCenter command-line tools

PowerCenter Dealing with tasks and responsibilities

Operating with the Informatica Administration Console

Informatica workflow variables and session parameters

Tuning Informatica performance

ETL functions and scenarios

Informatica SQL and XML conversion

Leading the repository of Informatica

One should possess basic knowledge of Data Management, and a good understanding of SQL to complete this Informatica tutorial with ease. 

Students of Informatica

Informatica PowerCenter Administrators 

Statistician & Model Developers

Analytics Professionals

Business Intelligence Professionals

ETL, SQL and Database Professionals

Data Integration developers

Introduction to Informatica

Informatica is a data integration / EDL tool that collects data from different sources and packs it into different targets. It is a tool to move data from one place to another without having to keep anything to itself.

Nowadays, with the increasing value of data, the ETL & Data Warehousing process has become more complex with the advent of a wide range of data sources. This becomes even more difficult when the volume of data is large & generated at a very high rate. Informatica is one of the most extensively practiced ETL tools.

Due to the exponential growth of the data, top companies today and looking for ETL tools like Informatica. So they need good Informatica developers who can support and build end-to-end applications. Below are some skills of Informatica that you will learn through this Informatica training.

Manipulating Contemptible Datasets: Knowing what's inside and out will give you the ability to handle contemptible data (unstructured data). With the increase in the complexity of data and the increasing demand for business, there is a need to treat different types of data. It is not necessary to get structured data every time. Knowing Informatica can help you handle a variety of data.

Critical Event Processing: This Informatica Certification Online Course will help you acquire the skills to process complex events with real-time alertness and gain insightful information to work efficiently.

Virtualization of Data: After taking this Informatica Certification Online Course, one can create a data virtualization layer, which deals with the problem of accessing basic data sources.

Ultra-Messaging: The low-delay approach middleware products can easily be managed and utilized once you learn Informatica from this Informatica tutorial.

Informatica Exam and Certification

During the Informatica Online Training, you will be working on real-time projects and tasks that have an enormous impact on real-world career situations, thus helping you to track your life effortlessly. By the completion of this Informatica Online Training, there will be a quiz that accurately reflects the kind of topics that will be asked in the certification exam and will help you get better marks.

This Informatica certification training is suitable for candidates who wish to engage in ETL and its related tools such as Informatica, as well as professionals dealing with data integration and data management. Wherever ETL works, Informatica plays an important role. So if you are interested in working this sort of task, taking the Informatica tutorial will help you to improve yourself technically.

Yes, of course. If you have a clear understanding of SQL and databases, this Informatica training can be practiced and clearly understood. However, if you have a bit of knowledge about analytics and ETL tools, that's a big advantage.

The Spark Databox Informatica PowerCenter Certification Training covers in-depth knowledge beginning from the basics of ETL and Data Warehousing, which helps you understand the fundamentals of Informatica. Enhancing the Informatica curriculum will inspire you with advance ideas of changes, ETL plots, performance tuning, and Informatica power center management. Throughout the course, the instructor will extensively teach every concept with real-world professional hands.

Job Scope of Informatica

Our Training system is placement oriented. We offer the best placement support once you achieve the training. We help you in making the best placement, and our experts will guide you in attaining the placement. Our instructors will accompany you in this regard.

There is no doubt about it. This Informatica certification training will help you with its excellent theoretical and practical practices and will surely drive your career to the next advanced level. Once you start training, you will be drawn to Informatica. There is plenty to learn about Informatica from this course training.

ETL is a refinery because the data is new oil and derives value and insights from it. Informatica focuses on six technologies, namely, big data, cloud, data integration, primary data management, data quality, and data security, to extract every insight from the data. This has initiated up new career possibilities and secured more job roles around the warehouse with ETL, data processing, and Informatica. If you are ready to make your career in this field, this is the right time to pass the Informatica.

Spark Databox Placement assistance

Spark Databox is designed by the Informatica Training and Certification Professional, which will enable you to master ETL and Data Mining - Informatica PowerCenter, along with every concept of Informatica. Our instructors will guide you with real-world use cases and lead you to learn Informatica at its best to master the industry with its best Informatica training.  

You will work on real-time projects and assignments that are increasingly important in the corporate environment and are designed by curriculum professionals. Upon completion of the training course, you can apply for some of the best MNCs across the globe at the best salaries. Spark Databox provides an update to the latest version of videos, course materials, 24/7 support, and additional content for course material. 

Upcoming Batches

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Note : We can arrange classes on different timings up on customer request. Please call us to schedule classes as per your convenient timings. We can arrange one to one training up on customer request.




Every training session will be recorded, and access will be provided to all the videos on Spark Databox ‘s state-of-the-art course training system. You can watch the recorded sessions at your own time and convenience. Or you can attend the missed session in any other live batch.

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Real-time projects

Yes, Spark Databox provide a demo session.