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Career Opportunities

The average salary for SAP HANA professionals ranges from $62,400 for entry-level to $216,450 for experienced professionals per year.
There are 8200+ Blockchain jobs available for skilled Blockchain technology professionals.
The companies like Huawei, PayPal, Tata Power - DDL, Cisco, Infosys, Dell, TCL, Nestle, Unilever, ect, are using SAP HANA.
The various job roles open for the SAP HANA professionals’ are SAP HANA Engineer, SAP HANA Architect, SAP HANA Developer, SAP HANA Modeler, SAP HANA DBA, SAP HANA Project Manager, SAP HANA BODS Consultant, SAP HANA Consultant, and more.



SAP HANA online training course

SAP HANA online training from Spark Databox will ensure that you understand the basics of SAP HANA and learn and use real-time analytics. HANA is an advanced application used to gather real-time intelligence. In this SAP HANA online training course, you will understand about SAP HANA Studio, security options, modeling, and various features SAP HANA (High-Performance Analysis Tool) is an application designed to process data from SAP and non-SAP related databases and applications and other systems. It has the ability to use three styles of data copying, depending on the source of the data - record-based, EDL-based, and trigger-based. Transferred configured data is stored directly in memory. Because of this, applications using HANA can quickly access data in real-time. After completing this SAP HANA course, you will understand why SAP HANA is a fundamentally different database engine.

SAP HANA is an advanced application that combines hardware and software to process large and bulk real-time data using in-memory computing. This process is very suitable for creating and using real-time applications and performing real-time analytics. 

SAP HANA Basics and Features

SAP HANA Structure and Related Terms

Working in HANA Studio Model and specializing in the modeling field

SAP HANA Interface, Client and Link

Auto documentation process and SAP BO analysis

SAP HANA Admin Activities users Managing, storing and protecting users

System duplication, data presentation, and ABAP data flow

Building, reporting, monitoring and creating dashboards on SAP HANA

Working in real-time and complex HANA projects

Writing SAP HANA Queries and Performance Tuning

SAP Development and BI Consultants

Database Specialists

Data Analysis Specialists

Database Architects and Project Managers

There are no specific prerequisites for taking this SAP HANA course. However, some fundamental knowledge of SQL can be helpful.

SAP HANA is one of the most needed platforms because it uses a decision-based approach to doing business tasks at the enterprise level. This SAP HANA certification course definitely gives you experience and knowledge of Big Data and Analytics, one of the world's most aspired technologies. So, this SAP HANA training is your path to getting high paying jobs in the field of technology.

Introduction to SAP

SAP HANA is an ever-changing and pre-eminent product in the history of SAP. Data, reporting, assisting companies in resolving delays challenges, and unleashing their potential with the real-time platform. Learn it by implementing real-time application events, start with a new and exciting world of real-time reporting, analysis, and big data.

SAP HANA is a database in memory, at its hub, an artistic in-memory relational database management system that advances full utilization of the abilities of the current hardware to boost application performance. SAP HANA runs on multi-core CPUs with rapid communication between processor cores and contains terabytes of sensitive memory. With SAP HANA, complete data is accessible in primary memory that evades the performance risk of I / O disk. Disk or solid-state drives are still needed for permanent stability in the case of a power interruption or any other emergency. However, this does not reduce performance because the backup operations required for the disk are performed asynchronously as a background task.

Data Services is a machine that loads all data into HANA.

HANA Modeler will do the initial loading work

Uses model data services to browse and 'import' external metadata

HANA will generate initial model flows to load data into the table

Further changes inflows made through the Data Services Designer

SAP Business Objects Data Services (DS) is deployed for volume load based data copying from SAP business sources and SAP sources (with complex ETL requirements).

SAP HANA Certification

This course is designed to clear the SAP Certification exam. The entire course content is compatible with the certification exam and helps to clear the certification exam with ease and receive the best jobs in the best companies.

As part of this training, you will be working on projects that have an enormous impact on real-time projects and real-world business situations, thus enabling you to track your career effortlessly. At the end of this SAP HANA course training, there will be a quiz that will accurately reflect the type of questions asked in the certification exam and will help you to get the best score.

Spark Databox is a unique leader in SAP HANA training. This SAP HANA course training on SAP HANA provided by Spark Databox includes basic and advanced concepts in HANA, including real-time analysis, SAP HANA studio, modeling, and security features of this revolutionary database engine.

You will work on the most important real-time SAP HANA projects and step-by-step tasks and the curriculum is designed by professionals. After completing the SAP HANA training course, you can apply for some of the best jobs in the best MNCs around the world at the best pay. Spark Databox offers lifetime access to videos, course material, 24/7 support, and upgrades to the latest version in addition. So, this is clearly a one-time investment.

Jobs scope for SAP HANA

SAP HANA is widely used by many top companies (such as TCS, Capgemini, etc.) as a real-time application for a decision-based approach, and is becoming popular in small business as well. So its growing popularity has created the length and breadth of high-paying jobs in the IT sector. We can say that it is high time to learn SAP HANA (online or offline), which provides experience and knowledge in one of the most preferred technologies in cloud, big data, and analytical environment.

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