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Career Opportunities

An average salary of an SDN professional ranges from approximately $86,094 to $143,883 per year.
There are 1386 jobs available out there for Software-defined networking professionals.
Some of the companies looking for SDN professionals are AMK TECHNOLOGY, Terrabit Consulting, Tech Mahindra Limited, Vmware Software, Planar Sphere, Value Point Systems, Microland Limited, Micro Focus, Koral Human Resource Consultants, etc.
The expected job roles after the successful completion of SDN Training are SDN administrator, SDN developer, SDN architect, SDN Associates, etc.



About the SDN online training course

Software-defined networking marks the most significant shift in network management for decades. This SDN online training course provides an introduction to the fundamentals of SDN and explores multiple use cases that provide increased versatility and readiness for SDN and service delivery within the industries. The Concepts are expressed using easy analogies and animations. The intention of this SDN training is to provide learners with a sample of the different types of queries that can be resolved through SDN. SDN Certificate Course will benefit anyone who is responsible for planning, operating and deploying networks at companies that believe in following industry-leading standards.

By taking the Software-Defined Networking (SDN) online training, you will discover:

Potentially improve network and applications with SDN

Learn to choose the best SDN technology for a company

Understand the difference between VMware NSX, Cisco ACI, Microsoft Hyper-V, and OpenFlow to choose the suitable technique for a company

Learn to use Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VBC) for multi-layer applications

Know the configuration of networks from the central controller

SDN Sales Engineer

IT professional

Business Development Manager

Product Manager, Project Manager

Network professional

System Administrator and support

Aspiring freshers

General knowledge of IP networks is required. And specific knowledge of routing in large-scale networks (data centers, service providers) will be beneficial.

Introduction to SDN

The primary concept of SDN is to perform network control judgments from a centralized spot. This is done by switching from the base systems that transmit the traffic to the selected destination (data plane) and disconnecting and optimizing the routing results and other control functions such as the signal (control plane).

Software-defined networking (SDN) is the IT network's latest networking trend, known for its scalability, coordination, program logic, cost-effectiveness, and flexible architecture. SDN networks are designed, configured, and manipulated for high-frequency modern dynamic applications. It has the power to provide many advantages to businesses across domains.

The continued use of mobile devices, the rise of the popularity of multimedia content, and the rise of cloud computing has forced businesses to cut costs that can wreak havoc on conventional business models. Hence, networking companies are working with SDN to remodel the network operations of data centers.

As SDN is convenient and manageable, you can easily move it to private and public cloud storage. Moving your network to the cloud settles beneficial in many ways, as it helps lessen service bills, capital costs, running costs, and provides security at a reasonable level. Software-defined networking integrates cloud computing without automating data traffic. It improves network responsiveness to ensure flawless user experience. 


Abstraction greets virtualization. I am able to do things without knowing where and what my resources are. SDN can easily locate multiple virtual networks on the same network, using the same resources.


Abstraction plays a vital role regarding SDN. The central controller shortens the network for you. You don't have to worry about basic data flight.


A number of applications such as load balancing, transport engineering methods, capacity optimization can be used in SDN.


I can change the flowchart of hundreds or even thousands of devices, from a single application or API calls to the controller from the application layer.


One of the factors that drive huge costs in networks is the cost of operation. Automation is preferred at any time. Using SDN, automation of many tasks such as policy implementation, feature additions, and new protocol support can be automated.

New protocol support:

With the arrival of P4 and OpenFlow 2.0, it is much easier and easier to design and deploy new protocols on to switches.

Network virtualization is almost like server virtualization. When building virtual servers, you start with a giant monster of an empty machine and create multiple virtual machines that extend the same or different applications, resulting in maximum hardware usage.

Likewise, in network virtualization, you begin with a single physical network (including nodes and switches) and create multiple virtual networks, handing over the management of each virtual network to a single or different group.

The administrator of a particular virtual network cannot access the traffic of the virtual network he/she does not control, although they share the same physical connection. The end result is equivalent to server virtualization. When it comes to segregation among distinct virtual networks, you receive higher utilization of physical resources.

On the contrary, Software-defined networking is a method of mastering how packages are routed over the network by rules on a central server. Typically, routing (creating / forwarding routing tables) and sharing (sending the packet to the correct port after sending the table search) are done by the switch/router.

However, in SDN, the task of creating sharing/routing tables is assigned to the central server. Whenever a router/switch receives a package that does not know how to handle it, it contacts the central server. The central server then establishes a 'rule' on the router/switch that specifies how to handle packages of that particular flow or responds with the port to which the packet should be sent.

Since the behavior of the central server is entirely within your control, there is much that can be done using the SDN. For example, you can create your own routing protocol (except BGP / OSPF) or virtualize networks as you wish. Therefore, Network virtualization is one of the multiple applications of SDN.

SDN Exam and Certification

By the end of the SDN course, the SDN Certification Examination formally certifies that the thriving candidate has the vendor-mediated technical expertise, skills, and competencies in key domains of networking systems that support SDN theory and exercise. Certificate proficiency for technical professionals in the SDN networking domain will be considered as a validation.

A professional certification or formal training can help you handle applications more effectively than taking information from freely available sources. A professional course will benefit you to be unique in the circle.

The Job scope of SDN

The future of SDN is to implement indeed programmable networks where you can integrate services (such as parental control, firewalls, malware detection/security) into your customers and launch new products and launch them within the weeks' numbers instead of months, or as many people do today.

SDN is the next great revolution in society after the arrival of smartphones. NEC is making rapid progress in the SDN field with its WebSAM software and using its programmable flow technology to separate hardware. This makes it very simple to create new businesses by adding to its flexibility. The evolution of data will no more be such a perplexing task in the future, and everyone will relish the benefits of SDN.

Spark Databox Placement assistance

After you complete the SDN Online Certification Course in Spark Databox, we offer you a job proposal. Counseling sessions for employment assistance are held after completing the SDN Workshop. We help you find the right place in the best companies.

We have placement support around the world for every technology. As soon as your course is enrolled, we begin our steps to train you to attain certification with a good score and to complete the projects required to get placed in the best company. In the meantime, our professionals will conduct interview sessions to prepare you for employment. We help you gain full knowledge and experience to achieve a job.

The Spark Databox lets you know all the latest tools. 

Better provide better solutions, Monitor Opportunities, and Business Progress. 

Offers instructor-driven courses that not only help professionals gain academic expertise, but also practical knowledge in multidisciplinary courses. 

Labs and workshops give us an advantage over other exercises. 

You can get information from providers, professionals about the importance and difficulties of future technologies.

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