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Key Features

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Career Opportunities

The average salaries for Tableau skilled professionals range in the proximity of $106,000. The highest salary noted in this platform is $158,000.
There are 3622 jobs available in the market for Tableau Server professionals.
The top companies hiring for Tableau Server professionals include Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Dell, Amazon, Apple, Linkedin, Flipkart, Uber, and more.
The job roles expected for Tableau Server are Tableau Administrator, Tableau Server Application Administrator, Tableau Developer, Tableau Consultant, Tableau-Architect, Data Integration Developer, etc.



About the Tableau Server Online training course

Spark Databox Tableau Server online training course provides in-depth information on the most suitable practices for installing and managing the Tableau Server. The training also provides essential information and procedures on safety, governance, effectiveness, and scalability. Table Server training course will give you all the expertise you need to achieve in the Table Server domain. The knowledge and skills gained will quickly track the way to create a student quality and expandable Tableau server platform.

Installation, configuration, and activation of Tableau server that will help you to develop and maintain credentials and licenses

Understanding the Server process and Tableau dashboard creation and managing the content

Upgradation of Tableau server, checking availability, assuring the security, and maintaining the production of the Tableau server

Administration of Tableau server settings, site plans, connections, and users.

Navigate of the server pages, sites, and prospects

Communicate with aspects including participating and downloading server views and subscribing to unsubscribed views

Sharing, maintaining and setting up data sources and update data source links

Learn about the JavaScript API and the REST API, using command-line tools

Implanting views in third-party applications

Software Developers

System Administrators

Data Analysts and scientists

Business Intelligence professionals

Visual Analysts, and Reporting Professionals

Freshers as well as working professionals striving for a career in real-time Big Data Analytics

There are no such prerequisites. Any person who is interested in learning the Tableau A server can take this course. Prior experience and knowledge are not required.

Tableau server promotes a collaborative working environment. The functionality of using Tableau Server in the browser window implies:

No links to dashboards that administration staff requires to download and open

No slowing down of computers while you wait for Tableau desktop to open

An easy way to comment and edit dashboards online

Therefore a company can easily view what the analysts are working on, which can only be a good thing for all concerned.

Introduction to Tableau Server

The Tableau The server is widely chosen to extract data and make its visualization easy. Tableau Server helps users make better use of interactive data dashboards, and is especially useful for business analytics. This enables users to stare at their own data and fix issues faster.

Tableau Server is an online hosting platform that includes your Tableau workbooks, data sources, and more. It works just like any other server, which saves files from objects. This server functionality relies on the Tableau, which does not demand download software to open the workbooks.

Tableau Server Administration settings

Processes of Tableau Server components

Resolutions for prevalent installation problems

Examining objects and types of contents of the server

Build applications, local groups, and client

Scheduling and custom views

Permitting subscriptions and warnings

The distinct components of Tableau server include:

Data Server

Application Server

VizQL Server

Web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and IE

Android browser

Mobile Safari

Android apps

iPad apps

Tableau Server Exam and Certification

Candidates must work on a real-time project with good results before completing data science with R training. If candidates fail to deliver good results in real-time the project, we will help them resolve their doubts and queries and support the resume. Our Spark Databox Tableau Server Certification has been acknowledged and affirmed by all leading MNCs.

Tableau offers five certifications, like:


Tableau Desktop Specialist exam: Focuses on foundational functionality and product understanding.  

Tableau Desktop Certified Associate exam: Focuses on basics and advanced concepts such as combining, simplifying, and organizing data, dashboards, chart and graph creation, analytics, computations, etc.  

Tableau Desktop Certified Professional exam: Focuses on enhanced functionality and utilization of visual best exercises. 

Tableau Server Certified Associate exam: Focuses on administrative function and server knowledge. 

Tableau Server Certified Professional exam: Focuses on structural principles and platform integration expertise.

Any of the above certification courses would definitely enhance your career in the tableau platform.

Tableau certification is definitely useful when you are looking for the best job offer. More and more roles are now requiring some kind of certification to prove high levels of technical competence and capability to work promptly, especially when a certified expert is required. The list of companies that use the Tableau server is progressing the chances of using these valuable skills. A Tableau server certification will open the doors for a bunch of good career opportunities for you.

The Job scope of Tableau server

Our training method is employment-oriented. We offer excellent placement support once you get into the training. We help you to provide the best placement support, and our experts will guide and accompany you in accomplishing the placement.

Tableau Server is rising as one of the most enthusiastic trends in the business intelligence industry. Notably, the data visualization tool is expanding its wings in multiple businesses. The popular sectors like e-commerce, information technology, social media, etc. use Tableau Server, and therefore, the need for Tableau Server specialists are increasing.

Upcoming Batches

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Note : We can arrange classes on different timings up on customer request. Please call us to schedule classes as per your convenient timings. We can arrange one to one training up on customer request.




Every training session will be recorded, and access will be provided to all the videos on Spark Databox ‘s state-of-the-art course training system. You can watch the recorded sessions at your own time and convenience. Or you can attend the missed session in any other live batch.

Expertise Training

Provide a quiz for practice

Self-paced training

Provide you with sample questions

Provide you with self-paced labs

Real-time projects

Yes, Spark Databox provide a demo session.