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Career Opportunities

The average salary for VMware professionals ranges from approximately $78,461 to $177,469 per year.
There are 3000+ VMware jobs available in the market for skilled VMware professionals. 
The companies like Accent, Amazon, Accenture, Abo Akademi, Acuity, Adobe, Alfamart, are using VMware. 
Some of the VMware professionals' job roles are VMware (Windows) QA Performance Engineer, VMware Admin Lead Administrator, Technical Support Engineer – Core, Cloud Infrastructure Administrator, Windows Administrator, Territory Account Manager, and more.



About VMware online training course

Spark Databox offers incomparable expertise in VMware certified Virtualization. The VMware training with us will help you gain important skills in managing data and virtual environments. VMware certification training at Spark Databox fetches you the experience of myriad VMware skills and understandings and furnishes students with a thorough knowledge of different virtualization concepts, features, and functions.

System administrators

Computer engineers

Network Operators

Service providers



Verification Engineers

Key responsibilities of certified VMware professional include:

Installation, configuration, and upgrading VCenter Server and VMware ESXi

Identifying VSphere architecture and solutions

Designing fixed and distributed switches

Configuring VLAN systems, VSS, and vDS policies

Managing virtual machines, VM clones, templates, and VAPs

Reforming virtual machines with the help of VMware data recovery

Adjusting the VSphere Network, Storage, and ESXi Hosts

Basic knowledge of networking concepts helps to learn cloud-computing VMware courses.

Introduction to VMware

VMware Online Course, a leading virtualization technology provider, provides the perfect platform for professionals to advance their IT careers.

There are different types of virtualizations:

Hardware virtualization

Software virtualization

Desktop virtualization

Memory virtualization

Storage Virtualization

Data virtualization

Network Virtualization

VMware Certified Professional (VCP) is a certification to test your skills in VMware vSphere and related technologies. Achieving VCP certification confirms your expertise in installing, deploying, and managing VMware vSphere environments. This certification is professionally recognized and will enhance your potential job opportunities.

The VMware tutorial provided by Spark Databox provides a map on how to achieve your goals and win first place. By joining our course, you can get better marks in VMware Certificate. Training at a time convenient to you, VMware gets the best command in the comments. Due to this tutorial, you will gain advanced knowledge of virtualization.

You will gain practical knowledge on concepts such as managing virtual machines using VMWare clusters, vSphere storage, virtual machines, vSphere networking, Vcenter server, VMWare logs and services, data security, and site recovery management (SRM). Our seamless direct support helps clear your doubts instantly. Live programs preferred by our trainers help you gain real-time knowledge.

VMware Certifications

VMware is an industry pioneer and a leading provider of virtualization. VMware certifications test the skills and acquaintance required to virtually install, deploy, handle, and support VMware's services and solutions.

Cloud Automation and Management

Data center virtualization

Desktop and motion

Network Virtualization

Digital business transformation

Digital workspace

VMware certification path

Each category offers four certification levels:

VMware Certified Associate (VCA) - VCA is an entry-level certification designed for IT professionals to make decisions about VMware solutions.

VMware Certified Professional (VCP) - VCP provides IT professionals involved in installing, configuring, managing, and developing VMware solutions.

VMware Certified Advanced Professional (VCAP) - VCAP is an advanced certification for professionals designing, configuring, managing, and developing VMware solutions.

VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX) - VCDX is the highest certification designed for IT professionals to manage VMTV solutions and systems.

Certification recommendation depends on your current job role and position:

Suppose you are a fresher and want to start your career in VMware Virtualization. In that case, you should begin with Data Center Virtualization Channel because this song is a kick start for the VMware domain, and after that, you can certify any path. VCP-DCV certification is therefore recommended for you, and the latest certification information can be found in the hyperlink above (e.g., the latest certificate is available in version 6.7 of VSphere).

If you are an experienced professional, you are well aware of your track and current job requirements to select and certify the track on behalf of.

Job Opportunities

Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals, which are expected to continue in the coming days. The main reason for the increased growth is the number of rapidly shifting companies shifting their focus towards cloud and virtualization for cost reduction, increased efficiency, and resource scaling. When it comes to virtualization, VMware is the pioneer virtual cloud solution provider for countless businesses around the world.

VMware holds a leading position in the cloud computing and virtualization market due to its strong features. It can side-by-side control different types of OS on a server or computer, thus greatly reducing the costs of information technology infrastructure. Also, it ensures scaling, flexibility, and agility in the meantime. This helped businesses to be more profitable and active with better security features for their customers. From the points mentioned above, we can almost say that VMware has created a significant revolution in the IT industry.

The need for virtualization in the IT industry is growing rapidly, so many IT companies are hiring certified VMware experts. VMware has managed to escape the edge of competition in the cloud and virtualization platforms. Additionally, obtaining VMware certification enables access to a myriad of career opportunities. 

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Note : We can arrange classes on different timings up on customer request. Please call us to schedule classes as per your convenient timings. We can arrange one to one training up on customer request.




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