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Create a video course one time and earn a commission for every sale.Personalize teaching experience with live online training.

Start earning now

Earning money and expanding your business is very easy now. We will reach out to millions and you will get paid for each and every sale. With four easy steps you can start earning thousands of dollars. Need assistance? We have a dedicated team of experts who can get you started.

1. Record
2. Upload
3. Inspire
4. Earn

What will you do ?

You will create short, high-quality videos for each topic with strong and easy content. You can either choose to film yourself teaching, or use screen recording to convey your thoughts. If you have the material you can skip this part and upload it directly. Just concentrate on what you are good at, we will take care of the rest.

What will we do ?

We will provide you the necessary assistance at free of cost to produce quality content. We have a dedicated team who are experts in video content creation. We will carefully review your material and provide suggestions/ideas to improve the content.

What will you do ?

You will upload your material using our elegantly designed course builder with your exclusive author access.

What will we do ?

We will provide all the necessary tools for you to upload your material. We will store your material in our highly secure LMS system in an organized manner which is highly secure, scalable and 24/7 accessible. Our course builder tool is a simple but powerful tool that will enable you to create a full training course in minutes.

What will you do ?

You will inspire millions of students across the world by helping them learn new skills, advance their careers. The material you produce will be used to train students, professionals across the world making them more productive. Be interactive, you can choose to write blogs, post quizzes, interact with students via email.

What will we do ?

We will take you to your trainees by providing you the messaging tools that you need to reach out to professionals, students with your content. We will take care of operations and logistics. With a single click of a button, you can reach millions!

What will you do ?

Nothing! Sit back, relax and, watch your bank account. You can also track sales and payments using our instructor dashboard.

What will we do ?

Your job is done! Now it’s our turn. At SparkDatabox, we take the business very seriously. We put our maximum effort to market your materials to people all over the world. We have thousands of automated services that will constantly look for the people who seek training. Trust us as others do, We will work hard to bring you revenue you will get paid for every sale!

Reason to choose SparkDatabox

We are constantly working towards developing a network between world-class trainers and students across the world to meet the training needs. With us, you can create a broad network with a top professional from Fortune 1000 companies through which you can exponentially increase your business contacts there by your part/full-time revenue. We also provide training and mentoring trainers so that they create high quality and valuable training courses. We have trainers who are earning more than 10000$ a month just by selling their training courses using our platform. So, why wait? Sign up and get immediate access to our system.

Higher Payouts

We provide competitive commission when compared to any other vendors out there in the market. There are no limitations on how much we pay, you will get paid for each and every sale. We also provide promotional payouts for every milestone you achieve. You can earn more when someone buys your material through you. Learn more about our Affiliate marketting. Some of the reasons to choose us:-

  • The highest commission for sales
  • More commission percentage on referrals
  • Promotional payouts
  • Secure and on-time payments

World-class LMS

Our Learning Management System offers a very simple and easy course builder which allows the user to build courses within minutes. Be it an individual tutor, or enterprise level contributors, the system is highly secure, scalable and, available. We provide exclusive author privilege through which you can administer, track, deliver educational or training programs to your trainees within minutes. The system is designed to manage all type of contents varying in size. Courses in our platform are highly secured and copyright protected so that no one can steal your effort.

Instructor dashboard

You can use our instructor dashboard to view your progress. The dashboard provides you a comprehensive insight for your classroom via our sophisticated built-in analytics. The report section aggregates the data across your portfolio and provides you a graphical representation for easy understanding. You will receive daily/weekly/monthly progress reports on different metrics such as a number of sales, revenue, inquiries, Q&As and much more. Some of the dashboard’s functionalities:-

  • New Signups
  • Revenue
  • Earnings report
  • Sales report
  • Active students
  • Course completions
  • Enrollment live feed
  • Material changelog

Highly secure payment gateway

Our highly secure payment gateway will ensure the security of your bank accounts, timely payment. You can choose to have your payment delivered to your PayPal account or to your bank account. Our assurance is that the payment system is fault proof and just in case if you face any issues we provide 24/7 support to resolve it.

High business ethics

We value our customers more than our business. We take utmost care to make sure you feel comfortable and secure by using our system. We have dedicated team of support personals who work 24/7 to address any of your concern.

What do we need from you?

In short, We just need three things from you.