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Microsoft Azure Online Training

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Career Opportunities

As of current year the nationwide average salary for an Azure developer in India is ?15,00000/yr and in the United States is $127,348/yr.
There are more than 70,000 jobs are unoccupied as Azure developer per Indeed just in India.
Azure is holding a market share of around 21%. It is a vast platform used by more than 57% of Fortune 500 companies.
Azure is a top-rated cloud service with multiple applications and products, rising in high demand for workers that can architect, deploy, and operate Azure solutions.


Section 1: Microsoft Azure Introduction
  • What is Cloud computing?
  • What is Microsoft Azure?
  • Managing Azure
  • How to subscriber, manage and bill for using Azure?
Section 2: Using the Azure portals
  • Azure portal interface
  • View billing, usage, and quotas data
Section 3: Microsoft Azure management tools
  • Azure powershell basics
  • Azure CLI basics
  • Azure PowerShell to manage their Azure subscription
  • Azure SDK and the Azure CLI to manage your Azure subscription
Section 4: Virtual machines in Microsoft Azure
  • Creating and configuring Virtual Machines
  • Configuring discs for Virtual Machines
Section 5: Web Apps and cloud services
  • Creating and configuring web apps Deploying and monitoring web apps
  • Creating and deploying PaaS cloud services
  • Creating and configuring a WordPress web app
  • Creating a cloud service
  • Deploying and monitoring web apps in Azure
  • Createing and deploying Azure PaaS cloud services
Section 6: Creating and configuring virtual networks
  • Virtual networks basics
  • Azure networking configuration basics
  • Azure Load balancer basics
  • Virtual network functionality
Section 7: Cloud storage
  • Cloud storage basics
  • Creating and managing storage
  • Creating Azure Storage account
  • Create and manage blobs
  • Features and benefits of cloud storage
  • Managing storage in Azure
Section 8: Microsoft Azure Databases
  • Relational database basics
  • Relational database deployments
  • Creating a SQL Database in Azure
  • Azure SQL databases basics
  • Establish connections to databases
  • Manage content of SQL databases
Section 9: Creating and managing Azure AD
  • Azure AD basics
  • Manage Azure AD authentication
  • Create users in Azure AD
  • Create a Azure AD tenant and a customize DNS
Section 10: Real-time project
  • Azure project environment setup
  • Real-time Azure project
  • Project demonstration
  • Expert evaluation and feedback
Section 11: You made it!!
  • SPARK DATABOX Azure certification
  • Interview preparation
  • Mock interviews
  • Resume preparation
  • Knowledge sharing with industry experts
  • Counselling to guide you to a right path in Azure development career

About course

Microsoft Azure online training at Spark Databox will let the learner in developing competencies pertaining Microsoft Azure cloud computing. The user can learn the use of server workload on Azure. The tools and portals and architecture apart from other characteristics of the course will be covered. This online training is one of the best across the industry and deals with live industry applications and uses. Post completion of this course the learner will develop competencies in maintaining Microsoft Azure Platform.
Why Azure?

With the help of Azure, companies can divert extra costs in maintaining own systems and can avail over 600 Azure services, including infrastructure, platform, and software services; data management, messaging, and global content delivery; and machine learning. It can be used to target any type of device, client, or browser, using any programming language

The learner through Azure Online training will learn about Windows Azure (Developed by Microsoft as a cloud computing platform and infrastructure). Upon completing the course, the learner will become a Spark Databox certified Azure developer. The learner will be able to develop, host different applications and services.
The learner opting for Windows Azure Online Training Program will cover topics of cloud infrastructure and development. Further, into the course, the learner will be able to establish a base of operations with Azure. The user will be provided with an overview of Azure and how it is used. Using Azure for developing, deploying, and monitoring web apps; creating and managing a storage account and handling blobs and containers within it; and creating virtual machines and configuring them for performance will also be covered. The learner will be able to set up a CDN, create virtual networks and perform backups. Multiple functionalities of Azure Active Directory will be covered, the key to managing access to resources. The course will end with topics of identity management and protection.
At the end of the Microsoft Azure Online training, you will be able to:

Comprehend the features of Azure, its services and management portals
Beginning to the cloud and Microsoft Azure platform
Proficiency in SQL Database (creates, configure, and manage)
Understand the Azure network and management portal
Manage the virtual machine and Azure network
Microsoft Azure Online Training includes a portion of integrating on-premises apps and data thereby ensuring faster growth and decreased expense.
The learner can develop, implement and design Azure solutions from our Microsoft Azure Online course.
Windows Azure online training program has no prerequisites and all learners can opt for the course. Acquaintance with various operating systems, like Windows and Linux, virtualization technology, and networking will enhance the learner’s comprehension.
Azure is predicted to be part of the future of cloud computing. Various companies look for professionals who have competency in Azure. Windows Azure Online training will help the learner boost their career.
Azure has more than thirty-five data center regions around the globe. Many multinationals make use of it including General electric. Hershey’s also makes use of its platform to promote its brands. Various companies make use of mobile applications to interact with their customers on marketing campaigns etc.
Microsoft Azure uses pay as you go model. This helps many companies avoid large investments at once and help them optimize their work. Windows Azure online training would help the learner to create and configure virtual machines and to build and run applications faster. Companies are actively looking for professionals with expertise in Azure. The compensation is very decent in terms of the pay package. We provide Microsoft Azure Online Course which is very much industry oriented online training and our team of experts will help you with all support and assistance in Azure Certification.
Post completion of Microsoft Azure certification, you can be working as an Azure Developer. Microsoft Azure training will boost your career. The learner can improve his skills in cloud computing and SQL databases. All concepts like virtual networks, websites, data services, and its implementation would be covered. Azure content delivery networks and Azure active directory would also be a part of the course.
Following are the pre-requisites for Microsoft Azure Online Training:
Familiarity with operating systems
Knowledge of SQL database
Acquaintance with networking
Awareness of .NET
Background know-how of cloud computing
The learner can be engaged in constructing a virtual network and execute a point-to-site network in this Microsoft Azure Online course. The learner will gain proficiency in SQL Database instance and the significance of denoting a SQL standalone database. Microsoft Azure Training can help in understanding the basics of the Microsoft Azure platform. Our team of experts in the Live Online Training will coach you in setting up and utilizing Web applications and become skilled in stationing and implementation of Azure Web apps. You will be also able to design and build Azure Virtual machines. The Live Classroom training will help you set up and administer a storage account while supervising the existing blobs and containers. Basics of Azure Ad (Active Directory) item will also be covered by our expert team of professionals.
Each Live Project we influence you to attempt amid the course makes you a stride nearer to being a pro IT proficient. With extraordinary project support, undertaking ventures for learners is never an overwhelming errand at Spark Databox

All the courses will be delivered through LMS
Self-paced Learning
The convenience of learning at your own pace
Superior quality videos wherein you find immense guidance for all the courses
Predefined recordings come extremely handy during preparation
A consulting session with your trainer, following your learning, helps you get all your doubts cleared
Live Online Training
You receive live presentations of theories and demonstrations
There is a daily training schedule which you follow and benefit from
Your trainers attend to your doubts at the beginning of sessions
Recordings of course sessions attended are accessible even after the completion of the sessions
The Virtual Live Classes are delivered to your doorstep.
Generally, You don’t need programming skills to pursue Azure carrier. Most important thing is, you need to get started. Contact us today!

Introduction to Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure lets businesses with the option to build, manage and deploy applications on a very huge level. Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform and infrastructure created by Microsoft. It is used to build, test, deploy, and manage applications and services, through data centers managed by Microsoft. Microsoft Azure is very flexible, open. It supports different programming languages, tools, and frameworks.

Microsoft Azure lets businesses with the option to build, manage and deploy applications on a very huge level. Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform and infrastructure created by Microsoft. It is used to build, test, deploy, and manage applications and services, through data centers managed by Microsoft.
Microsoft Azure proposes a selection of services from varying domains, for example, mobile, networking, media, storage and so on. Microsoft Azure provides a platform, like an online portal, where users to access and manage the services provided by Microsoft. It can move critical business applications to the cloud in very low expenditures by reducing the investment costs of the businesses.
The Microsoft Azure online training elucidates DocumentDB (the database) and the low-cost value store called Table Storage in Azure. Microsoft Azure provides inclusive AI routines to route big data, which is not supported by Google Cloud. Both Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud offer services to handle computing, storage, and database needs. Microsoft Azure works on the concept of Virtual Machines (VMs) unlike Google Cloud, which works on Google Compute Engine. Both Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud offer relational databases.
Microsoft Azure is the second major cloud service provider. A Microsoft data center covers the highest regions globally. Many multinationals use it. Azure ensures a future, as it continuously innovates services according to the industry requirement.

Microsoft Azure Exams & Certification

While concluding our course, you will be assigned to work a real-time project. Once you carried out assigned assignment with expected results we will verify and issue Spark Databox Microsoft Azure developer certificate. If you are not able to deliver anticipated effects in project we will aid you by clarifying doubts and assist you to re-attempt the project.

Our Microsoft Azure Online Training at Spark Databox is a Microsoft Azure Certification online Training and offers a certificate for becoming proficient in cloud implementation. At the end of the Microsoft Azure Online Training, you will be assigned a real-time project. Once you complete the assigned project with expected results we, experts Team from Spark Databox will verify and issue a Microsoft Azure Certificate. If you are not able to achieve the expected results, we will clarify your doubts and help you to re-attempt the project.
The learner would be rewarded with a Microsoft Azure Certification once the learner attains a seventy percent marking in the Exam during the Microsoft Azure Certification Online training. There are three Microsoft-awarded certifications available for Microsoft Azure:

MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure Solutions Expert
Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) – Cloud Platform
Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) – Linux
We can provide guidance to choose the best certification for the learner based on his qualifications and needs.
The duration of the Microsoft Azure course varies from 2 days to 30 days depending on the complexity chosen. Fundamentals and the theoretical course can be completed in 2 days. A session with practical Microsoft Azure Online Training training like writing applications will take more time. This Microsoft Azure online training is available one hour per day throughout the weekdays and 3 hours over the weekends. Additionally, you can access the sessions anytime with the help of 24/7 live support.
The certificate earned is renowned by Cognizant, Cisco, Saint-Gobain, Standard Chartered, etc. Our Microsoft Azure Certification online Training assures an industry-standard certification. With the placement oriented training one can reach his professional capabilities and achieve much more in his career.
In case the learner fails to clear the Microsoft Azure certification exam, the learner can retake it in next 15 days. Our team of experts and professionals would provide all assistance and support to guide the learner through preparations.
Kindly contact us using “Live Chat” or “Quick Inquiry” or “Request Call back options” for Selenium Online Training exam query. We will answer all your questions about Selenium online training and help you in taking up this Selenium Certification.
There is no expiration for Spark Databox’s Azure certification. Microsoft Azure Online Training is, therefore, an excellent choice in this regard.
The salary of a Azure developer varies according to the field and corporation been worked for. Often, successful MNCs offer upto 20 – 30 Lacs annually for the post of developers/architects in their R&D Departments. Also, the average pay scale in Indian markets for inspectors is roughly 5-6Lacs annually.
Once you start pursuing Azure certification course of Spark Databox, our experts and trainers in this subject will help the learner through study materials, live training, and real-time Project Support.
The learners should possess fair familiarity with VM’S, networking, storage, infrastructure, and development. Microsoft Azure certification shall test the above topics and other associated concepts. Our experts from the live Microsoft Azure Online Training sessions from the Microsoft Azure online course will provide all support and assistance all time for any doubts.
Our teams of trainers are experts in their fields with extensive work experience. The team most updated with the latest skills and techniques. Our trainers for Microsoft Azure Certification online Training are the best-in-industry with more than 15+ years of teaching experience. The team would provide all assistance and support with your projects. The team will provide facilitation with updating your resume and provide placement assistance. All placement interviews and other job oriented support and assistance will be provided to you as a learner by our team of trainers. They have already completed more than 1000 hours of Microsoft Azure Online Training.

Spark Databox Placement assistance

Azure Certification Online Training is designed in a way that is placement oriented. There is the relevance of Azure, you will get a suitable route for placements. Spark Databox trainers will accompany you here. Our Placement Oriented Training is one of the most important elements of Azure Online Course.

At Spark Databox, we have a dedicated team possessing extensive network connections with top companies all over India and in US. Upon completing the course, your profile will be marketed.
Yes, Spark Databox will guide you through in preparing your resume. With the team of experts, your resume will be powerfully written which will offer you a significant advantage over other job applicants. At Spark Databox we know how companies will look at your resume.
Spark Databox’s Microsoft Azure certificate is widely recognized by companies all over India. Acquiring a certificate from Spark Databox will give you an unprecedented advantage over other job applicants.

Upcoming Batches

Start Date End Date Time (EST) (UTC - 5) Day
13-Dec-19 10-Jan-20 (09:30 PM - 12:00 AM) Fri-Sat
14-Dec-19 11-Jan-20 (09:30 PM - 12:00 AM) Sat-Sun
16-Dec-19 13-Jan-20 (09:30 PM - 11:00 PM) Mon-Fri
17-Dec-19 14-Jan-20 (09:30 PM - 11:00 PM) Tue-Sat
20-Dec-19 17-Jan-20 (09:30 PM - 12:00 AM) Fri-Sat

Note : We can arrange classes on different timings up on customer request. Please call us to schedule classes as per your convenient timings. We can arrange one to one training up on customer request.


Best online training. Trainer was very informative and friendly. He understood where i needed more help and helped me accordingly to learn Azure better. Online practical training was a life saver

Sunil reddy
Software Engineer

I was new to online training. I was very doubtful if it would really work out and to my surprise they training was much better than my imaginations. Trainer was very patient since i am a very slow learner. Whenever i needed to pause he understood and explained everything in detail accordingly

Vindhya Madhav
Azure developer

Azure was very new to me. I had trouble learning it myself. So i chose spark Databox referred by my friend. The trainer trained me according to my level of knowledge on it. He was slow yet steady and explained every little detail. Online lab - the best.

Shankar guna
Software Developer

Very happy to learn azure from Spark Databox. Team is very friendly and flexible. They provided the best training.

Mithra Mitesh
Software Developer

Training was ok. My trainer was very fast and wanted to finish the training soon. Their practical and real-time project training was excellent.

Raman venkat
Software Developer

Spark Databox did not just provide the trainer to explain things but also provided online lab which was very helpful at the right time since i dint have enough space to install and run it. Really loved getting trained by them

Anupam Kaur
Cloud Engineer

I dont know if it was luck once i finished my trainingon azure from them i got placed in tcs with good package. I wasnt able to get placed during my college days. So i thought of learning azure to develop myself. Thanks to the trainer and the team.

Sriman Madduri
Software Developer

Best training ever. The trainer was very patient whenever i asked doubts. He explained it like a teacher explaining to kids. I am sure i learnt a lot of azzure from the trainer. Thanks

Divya Yethur
Cloud Engineer

Trainer was a bit slow. Since i knew the basics of Azure i felt the trainer was a bit slow. I asked him to move fast but he made sure i had covered each and every part of it. I dont if its a plus or minus. Practical training is very good.

Sarang Mukund
Azure cloud developer

I took a gap from my job for 2 yrs. learnt azure from them and now placed in a better company with better package. Thanks to the team

Cloud Engineer


Trainers at Spark Databox are Microsoft certified (MCTs) and highly qualified, with over 15 years of consistent teaching experience. Each of our trainers has gone through a meticulous selection method, which includes profile screening, professional evaluation, and a training demo before they are approved to the training session.
This Azure Architect Technologies course is ideal for:
IT professionals who are conspiring to become Azure Architects.
Cloud solution architects.
Developers/IT professionals who previously have awareness on Azure Cloud.
Professionals who are planning to achieve Azure Solutions Architect– Expert Badge.
Cloud Evangelists.
All courses are designed for 50 hours approximately, but differs on case by case.
The list is endless..
Today, every company is hiring Azure professionals. Some of the top most companies hiring automation testers are : Microsoft, IBM, Facebook, Walmart, Bank of America, TCS, Cognizant, Accenture and so on.
It is simple, if you already know Java you can directly jump into Spark Databox Azure online training. Upon finishing the training you will become an expert in developing applications using Azure.
No issues even if you miss a live Azure session. Every session will be recorded, and access will be provided to all the videos on Spark Databox’s state-of-the-art course training system. You can watch the recorded sessions at your own time and convenience.