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What is Selenium  classes in coimbatore?

Selenium is an unconstrained (open source) automated testing suite for web applications across different browsers and platforms, and programming languages. Selenium focuses on only automating web-based applications. We cannot test any desktop (software) application or mobile application using Selenium.  Notably, it presents a test domain-specific language (Selenese) to formulate tests in various popular programming languages:

we are providining  selenium training in coimbatore Selenium is a popular web automation tool that is used to test web applications. It helps to detect errors and automate repetitive tasks.

What is Selenium composed of?

  • Selenium Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
  • Selenium Remote Control (RC)
  • WebDriver
  • Selenium Grid

Selenium IDE

Selenium Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is the most accessible framework among the Selenium suite and is also the easiest thing to learn. Selenium IDE is a Firefox plugin, which can also be easily installed with other plugins.  Selenium IDE is the most simplistic suit, and it can only prove to be the best prototyping tool. However, if you aspire to perform more advanced test illustrations, you have to go for either Selenium RC or WebDriver.

Selenium RC

Selenium RC served as the flagship testing framework of the entire project of selenium for a long-standing time. And significantly Selenium RC is the first and foremost automated web testing tool that enabled users to adopt their preferred programming language. As from version 2.25.0, Selenium RC can support the programming languages like:

  • Java
  • C#
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Perl
  • Ruby


The WebDriver proves to be a better option than both Selenium IDE and Selenium RC in many perspectives. It executes a modest and well-built strategy in automating browser activities. Like Selenium RC, WebDriver does not depend on JavaScript for Automation. Instead, it manages the browser by directly interacting with it. WebDriver can support languages like:

  • Java
  • C#
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Perl
  • Ruby

Selenium Grid

Selenium Grid is a tool used collectively with Selenium RC to run lateral tests over several devices and diverse browsers all over the same period. Resemblance performance involves running multiple tests at once.

The distinct attributes of Selenium Grid:

  • Facilitates the contemporary running of tests in multiple browsers and platforms.
  • Exceptionally preserves time.
  • Utilizes the hub-and-nodes theory as the hub serves as a pivotal root of Selenium commands to each node correlated to it.

How Selenium makes Automation testing easy?

  • Grants the stipulation to consign recorded script in other languages like Java, Ruby, RSpec, Python, C#, etc
  • Can be employed with frameworks like JUnit and TestNG
  • Can perform multiple tests at a time
  • Autocomplete for all standard Selenium commands
  • Possesses Walkthrough tests
  • Recognizes the factor using id, name, X-path, etc.
  • Accumulate tests as Ruby programming language, HTML, and any other platform
  • Grants a possibility to affirm the title for every page
  • Favours selenium core extensions (user-extensions.js file)
  • Admits to embed comments in the middle of the script for sound judgment and debugging

Advantages of Selenium

Free Open Source Tool: Selenium is an open-source tool; therefore, it doesn’t require any licensing charges which adds an upper hand over other automation testing tools.

Suits for Every need:  Selenium holds a suite of tools, that satisfy every demand of the users. You can use multiple tools like WebDriver, Grid, IDE, to achieve your distinct requirements.

Promote all primary languages:  Selenium bolsters all significant languages like Java, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, C sharp, Perl, .Net and PHP, which is more comfortable for testers to use.

Browser support: Selenium encourages different browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Edge, and Safari.

Operating System Support: Selenium promotes distinct operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac.

Community Support: Selenium possesses active open community support, which aids you to resolve your concerns and queries linked to it.

What does it require to get certified in Selenium?

To be certified in Selenium, you must pass the Selenium Tester Foundation certification exam. We suggest you attend a training course with an authorized Selenium Tester Foundation course training provider. For those envying study on your own to make it, you can appeal for a direct approach to the exam, but do not forget to refer to the syllabus. The comprehensive syllabus comprises portions to contemplate when selecting to automate testing as well as specific methods for navigation, interacting with GUI elements, logging, reporting, etc.

Selenium Job Opportunities

The range of job opportunities in Selenium Automation Testing comparatively high for skillful professionals. The job openings are prevailing both in Indian as well as overseas. Selenium stands as the best software testing tool and demands at the peak right now. To name a few the following lists are some reputed job profiles that are offered to Selenium professionals.

  • Test Executor – who observes, executes and report bugs
  • Test Designer – Critical analysis and manages matrices
  • Senior Tester – Considered to be a well-specialized tester and those who can work in multiple business sectors like finance, health, e-commerce, and much more.
  • Technical Tester – Specialized in security testing and automation
  • Test Manager – Coordinates and control a team and executes the project plan

The other additional job profiles include:

  • Selenium Automation Tester
  • Selenium Analyst
  • Automation Selenium Test Lead

Why should you choose Selenium over other tools?

Transparency: Selenium ensures agility and transparency across the cross-functional teams of the software development life cycle framework.

Platform Independent: One test script principle of Selenium saves the time of testers from writing test scripts for each platform to be tested.

Visibility in End-to-End Testing: In the case of end-to-end applications testing Selenium offers excellent visibility.

Reduces time consumption: Selenium framework expedites the testing units to automatically control the multiple test cases parallelly on multi-browser platforms, which humiliates the time consumption by ensuring the utmost testing quality.

Fosters Continuous Integration Efforts:  Selenium by automating the overall test process, acts as a catalyst to nurtures the efforts of firms in the successful implementation of Continuous Integration (CI) practice.

Integration with Other Tools: Selenium with Java scripting language is well-known as the rest of the available tools like ExtentReports, Sikuli, Appium, etc. Selenium tool affords flexibility for testers to get integrated with these tools to enlarge its functionalities to new boundaries.

Selenium vs. other automation tools at a glance:

Criteria Selenium RPA Cucumber   Zephyr Ranorex Test craft
Automation Automates Browser Applications Automates Business Processes Automates web browser Graphical user interface (GUI) framework automates web, desktop and, mobile applications   Automate Desktop, Web, and Mobile applications Automates Testing without Coding for web applications
Availability   Open-source testing tool Contains tools such as UiPath, Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism and others. Open-source tool designed over the concept of BDD (Behavior-driven development)     Not an open source tool – copyrighted Not an open source tool
Process Automate only the current web page Automates all the backend processes Automates functional testing of the web application Automation is mainly to post a bunch of automation report into ZE UI   Test Automation within specific test environments is possible easy creation and execution of automated tests,
Major Component Selenium web drivers   RBA Bots Feature Files   Ranorex Spy  
Platform Dependency Browser Platform Dependent   Platform Independent Platform dependent Platform dependent Platform dependent Platform Independent
Scripting languages   Primarily Java, and also supports C#, Ruby, Python, Perl, and PHP   Minimal level of coding knowledge Gherkin (business language) Java, Ruby, C#   C#, Python,, C++) Scripts are automatically adjusted to change due to our AI mechanism


In the current framework, Selenium serves to be the ideal option for automation.  And Selenium being the first choice of automation testers as well as for organizations automating the web-based application testing for both GUI and functionality.