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Git is a popular version control system commonly used in DevOps workflows to manage source code and collaborate on software development projects. Below are some common Git commands used in DevOps:

  1. git clone <repository-url>: Creates a copy of a remote repository on your local machine.
  2. git init: Initializes a new Git repository in the current directory.
  3. git add <file(s)>: Adds changes to the staging area, preparing them for the next commit.
  4. git commit -m "<commit-message>": Creates a new commit with the changes in the staging area along with a descriptive commit message.
  5. git status: Shows the current status of your working directory and the repository, indicating which files are modified, added, or deleted.
  6. git pull: Fetches changes from the remote repository and merges them into your local branch.
  7. git push: Pushes your local commits to the remote repository.
  8. git branch: Lists all branches in the repository, highlighting the current branch with an asterisk.
  9. git branch <branch-name>: Creates a new branch with the given name.
  10. git checkout <branch-name>: Switches to the specified branch.
  11. git merge <branch-name>: Merges the changes from the specified branch into the current branch.
  12. git fetch: Fetches changes from the remote repository without automatically merging them.
  13. git remote: Lists all the remote repositories associated with the current repository.
  14. git remote add <remote-name> <repository-url>: Adds a new remote repository with the given name and URL.
  15. git log: Displays a chronological list of commits, showing commit messages, authors, dates, and commit hashes.
  16. git reset <file(s)>: Unstages the specified file(s) from the staging area.
  17. git stash: Temporarily stores changes that are not ready to be committed.
  18. git stash pop: Applies the most recent stash and removes it from the stash list.
  19. git diff: Shows the differences between the working directory and the staging area.
  20. git remote -v: Displays a detailed list of remote repositories along with their URLs.

These are some of the essential Git commands used in DevOps workflows. They enable developers to collaborate, track changes, and manage version control effectively.

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