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The only way to win your competition is digital transformation. Any business in this day and age will lead their business even if it is highly automated, streamlined, and efficient. To make the digital transformation a successful journey, MuleSoft’s API ecosystem modernizes legacy practices that support microservice and advance process automation.

Digital transformation solutions provided by MuleSoft

Modernizing legacy systems and providing improved connectivity

Business environments use a variety of innovative applications and technologies to drive business skills and value. Integrating these applications with legacy systems is one of the biggest challenges facing IT teams. In fact, most integration fails. Here is the place where application programming interfaces (APIs) get into action.

MuleSoft’s API ecosystem allows businesses to integrate seamlessly with any application, device, or system. APIs integrate data, procedures, and business settings and enable external and internal applications to be connected securely and seamlessly. In this way, Mulesoft facilitates the digital transformation journey without changing legacy systems.

Supports microservice strategy

Active development is critical to successful digital transformation. Microservices are an excellent tool for active growth. Microservices have changed the way we create applications and how we use those applications by improving business acumen.

Microservice architectures follow a modular approach, requiring a codebase reused by various teams and developers. Without the automated process, integration and execution of integration formations would not be possible. This occurs when continuous coordination is required to measure micro service efforts. Anypoint Studio at MuleSoft is an integrated platform that provides the ultimate micro-service life cycle with full functional visibility. Allows AniPoint users to perform task management using Runtime Manager and perform analysis with AniPoint Analytics.

Accelerate business process automation efforts

Gardner defines business process automation (PPA) for complex business processes and operations beyond conventional data handling, usually with advanced technologies.

MuleSoft’s API approach to conducting business workflows does not require the same technology or functional application case requirements as the attached applications. Businesses can automate legacy processes without moving away from their legacy systems. The API-led connectivity approach encourages reuse because they are “once built and used endlessly,” which is central to realizing business process automation. This is fundamental to developer productivity because reusing APIs eliminates the need to re-create new code to automate business processes.

The step-by-step chart above shows how MuleSoft APIs help businesses to realize business process automation quickly. APIs provide better agility to easily integrate business systems with external or internal different applications or processes.

Advantages of MuleSoft for Business:

  • Reduces maintenance costs and effort
  • Provides transparency in system processes and code
  • Facilitates active updates for current computers and applications
  • There are no additional costs to change workflows
  • Accelerates time to market
  • Provides data stability and security