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Learn selenium course and become a selenium expert! We offer selenium course at our training centre in Coimbatore for our new and experienced students. Selenium is an open source automation tool for website and mobile application development. It is the backbone of any test automation framework and can be used to write code-driven functional and non-functional tests. Selenium training at our centre is easy, quick and most importantly successful. Our selenium course imparts knowledge about:

Learn best practices of designing test case for web application testing, which is a crucial component of every project. It helps in detecting any coding errors on the application front-end in no time.

Who is this course for?

Individuals looking to learn and acquire skills for selenium are encouraged to enroll for selenium course in coimbatore. Students who are already doing web application testing are also encouraged to learn best practices of selenium scripting. If you want to become a professional selenium test engineer, get our selenium training today. Selenium training course is offered by IT professionals, who have in-depth knowledge and experience about Selenium tools. We also have trainers with more than 8 years of experience in web application testing. This makes our selenium training flexible, convenient and effective for anyone to learn.

Selenium course offered by Certigy makes learning and acquiring practical knowledge easy. Our selenium training in Coimbatore is one of the most comprehensive among all other web-related courses. Also, this selenium training is ideal for fresher, since they are trained in different types of tools and technologies which makes them more prepared in the industry. Along with the knowledge and skills, students who enroll for our selenium training also receive Certigy certifications which are industry validated and globally recognized by employers.

Selenium training in coimbatore

Web Application Testing (WAT)

This certification focuses on the knowledge of web application testing. At the end of this course, students will be able to perform various web application testing activities like: • Develop and execute automated functional and non-functional testing scripts using Selenium • Conduct a Web Testing audit and identify and test security vulnerabilities in web applications • Use automation to develop and maintain a quality assurance process.

Selenium with Ruby on Rails (REST Web Service)

This certification covers the knowledge of performing web application testing with Selenium. It is aimed to develop automation test scripts and use selenium tool to test the functionalities of web application. In this selenium training, students will also be trained to build automation script with the help of selenium and Ruby on Rails. • Understand the concept of Selenium and various types of webdriver • Implement selenium to automate web application testing • Perform various actions with the help of selenium like opening page, locating element, clicking buttons, verifying the success and verifying the failure.

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Selenium with Ruby on Rails (REST API)

Our selenium training is focused on the skill of Web Application Testing with selenium automation. This selenium training is designed to be taken by those who want to become selenium experts. At the end of the training, students will have hands-on experience with selenium tool.

Selenium Mobile Application Testing

This selenium training is for those who are looking to develop test scripts for mobile applications. Selenium is used for desktop testing, but this selenium training course teaches you about selenium for mobile testing. Students can master various mobile applications testing like: • Develop and execute automated functional and non-functional testing scripts using selenium • Conduct a mobile testing audit and identify and test security vulnerabilities in mobile applications • Use automation to develop and maintain a quality assurance process.

Web Automation

In this certification, students will be trained to perform various web-related activities. The certification covers the knowledge of scripting for web applications, web automation, Web testing, and web applications testing. The certification course helps students acquire the skills and become an expert in automating a website using Selenium webdriver in different web application test scripts. • Conduct web testing audit for web-based systems • Conduct web application testing • Understand the concept of Automated Web Testing • Develop and maintain automated web application test scripts

 Selenium Scripting with Java

It is an ideal certification for students to become selenium scripting experts. This selenium training is designed to impart knowledge on developing and maintaining test scripts using selenium. The certification course focuses on different scripts like: • Developing automation test scripts with selenium • Developing automation test scripts using selenium IDE • Creating Test scripts for Android and iOS.

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