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Beginner's Guide to PHP

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Created By Kenny James Last Updated Mon, 02-Mar-2020 English
  • Course Duration
    8 Hours
  • Mode of Training
  • Lessons
    35 Lessons
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    Life Time
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What Will I Learn?
  • Learn basics of PHP programming
  • Learn how to write the first PHP code
  • Learn all the syntax for PHP programming language
  • Structure your database in PHP admin

  • Basics of Computer Knowledge
  • Anyone who wants to learn Server side scripting
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PHP is flexible and allows the developer an easy way to learn programming language which can be very powerful. This is the fast paced course for beginners through which you learn the basics of PHP. You will learn following in this course:

  • Learn how to setup the PHP environment to write your first PHP code.
  • Applying the comments within the source codes.
  • Explore how variables work with PHP.
  • How to work with Array and how they can be used to hold value.
  • How Operators can manipulate variables.
  • Learn how loops can be used and the different ways of setting up loops.
  • How to structure Database in PHP my admin

This course cover all the fundamental core concepts needed to get started programming with PHP quickly

Curriculum For This Course
35 Lessons 8 Hours
  • What software Do I need 00:18:15 Preview
  • What is PHP 00:07:46 Preview
  • Hello World 00:06:02
  • PHP Variables 00:12:17
  • PHP Arrays 00:07:39 Preview
  • If Else and switch 00:12:24
  • For and For each loop 00:07:28
  • While loops 00:05:47
  • GET 00:10:13
  • POST 00:03:23
  • How to send the E-mail with PHP 00:07:42
  • Create the PHP contact Form 00:24:11
  • PHP Operators 00:17:17
  • Read write and Append Files 00:13:34
  • Create Folders 00:05:14
  • PHP Sessions 00:09:48
  • PHP Cookies 00:10:16
  • Writing custom PHP Functions 00:11:06
  • Scope 00:06:39
  • Constants 00:04:29
  • cURL 00:19:58
  • File Get Contents 00:11:18
  • How to uploads Files in PHP 00:20:54
  • Create the Multi page form using PHP seesion 00:44:01
  • Designing your Database and object Model 00:28:13 Preview
  • Structure your database in PHP my admin 00:25:18
  • Create tables dynamically in PHP 00:18:10
  • Connect to a MySQL Database With PDO and MySQLi 00:07:24
  • Read Data From a MySQL Database With PDO and MySQLi 00:06:56
  • Create Data In a MySQL Database With PDO and MySQL 00:08:22
  • Update Data In a MySQL Database With PDO and MySQL 00:04:29
  • Delete Data in a MySQL Database With PDO and MySQLi 00:06:42
  • Writing Prepared Statements In PDO and MySQLi 00:17:36
  • Create a Database 00:28:04
  • Submit and HTML Form to a MySQL Database Using PHP 00:17:24

Beginner's Guide to PHP