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Big Data and Hadoop for Beginners

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Created By Ankit Sharma Last Updated 02-Nov-2019 English
  • Course Duration
    3 Hours
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  • Lessons
    26 Lessons
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What Will I Learn?
  • Understand different technology trends, salary trends, Big Data market and different job roles in Big Data
  • Understand complex architectures of Hadoop and its component
  • Understand how MapReduce, Hive and Pig can be used to analyze big data sets
  • Start writing your own codes in Hive and Pig to process huge volumes of data
  • Understand what Hadoop is for, and how it works
  • Design your own data pipeline using Pig and Hive

  • Basic knowledge in unix and sql
  • Machine- Mac or Linux/Unix or Windows
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Understand Hadoop and its complex architecture. Learn  Hadoop Ecosystem with simple examples. Know different versions of Hadoop (Hadoop 1.x vs Hadoop 2.x), different Hadoop Vendors in the market and Hadoop on Cloud. Understand how Hadoop uses ELT approach. Learn installing Hadoop on your machine. We will see running HDFS commands from command line to manage HDFS.

Getting Started with Hive: 
Understand what kind of problem Hive solves in Big Data. Learn its architectural design and working mechanism. Know data models in Hive, different file formats supported by Hive, Hive queries etc. We will see running queries in Hive.

Getting Started with Pig: Understand how Pig solves problems in Big Data. Learn its architectural design and working mechanism. Understand how Pig Latin works in Pig. You will understand the differences between SQL and Pig Latin. Demos on running different queries in Pig.

Curriculum For This Course
26 Lessons 3 Hours
  • Introduction 00:09:24 Preview
  • Big Data job roles 00:06:31
  • Big Data Salaries 00:02:55
  • Technology trend in the market 00:06:30
  • Advice for Big Data Engineers 00:02:45
  • Introduction 00:08:24
  • Hadoop Ecosystem 00:05:01
  • Hadoop 1x vs Hadoop 2x 00:14:14
  • ETL vs ELT 00:03:19
  • Hadoop Vendors 00:04:21
  • Managing HDFS from Command Line 00:09:09
  • Introduction 00:02:41
  • Hive Architecture 00:02:29
  • File formats in Hive 00:04:41
  • SQL vs HQL 00:03:46
  • UDF UDAF in Hive 00:02:57
  • Hive Demo 00:18:51
  • Introduction 00:02:58
  • Pig Architecture 00:01:39
  • Pig Data Model 00:02:18
  • How Pig Latin works 00:02:58
  • SQL vs Pig 00:05:32
  • UDF in Pig 00:03:26
  • Pig Demo 00:12:50
  • Designing Data pipeline using Pig and Hive 00:08:00
  • Data Lake 00:05:24

Big Data and Hadoop for Beginners