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AWS Training in Canada

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Key Features

100% Practical training

Experienced Trainers

100% Placement assistance

Small batch size

Customized training content

Real-time project training

Fully equipped cloud lab

100% Customer support

100% Money back guarantee

Career Opportunities

The average salary of an AWS specialist is about $ 118,317 per year. According to IDC, the peak of IT will be cloud-based by 2021; and will be 60-70% of all services.
AWS professionals have tremendous career opportunities in various aspects of the industry. More than 1000 companies rely on cloud services to assist in successful AWS migration and enterprise-wide training. The best companies that use AWS Cloud are Netflix, BMW, Adobe, Unilever, Canon, Autodesk, as it provides the best services.
AWS, Microsoft (Azure), and Google (GCP) are the best cloud providers in the public cloud. Their share in the public cloud market is AWS- 47.1%, Azure -10%, Google Cloud Platform -3.95%, IBM Softlayer - 2.77%, others 36.18%
AWS is a leading cloud computing service on the market today that can help you better at every stage, even if you are a web developer, big data analyst, database administrator, computer administrator, IoT developer.



About AWS training in Canada

The best AWS training in Canada is here. Our professional trainers at Spark Databox are ready to guide you to start a new career.

The Spark Databox AWS training in Canada is designed to help you understand the various aspects of AWS, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), policies and re-cloud computing, virtual private cloud, simple storage service, auto-scaling, and more with best practices.

AWS is one of the leading cloud computing service providers surpassing Microsoft, Google, and IBM. And AWS is advancing its career with the greatest success around the world. AWS training in Canada certainly enables you to specialize in the AWS platform with professional certification. All of our mentors are AWS certified professionals with extensive knowledge and real-time experience in the relevant field. The AWS training in Canada is the perfect choice for those who are interested in cloud computing and want to move towards cloud infrastructure. AWS provides an excellent cloud computing source that builds the industry with excellent and scalable applications. Therefore, AWS training in Canada certainly provides knowledge of AWS services and practical and hands-on training in AWS programs.

The main goal of AWS training in Canada is to provide you with complete practical knowledge of AWS. There are clear goals that you will achieve after completing this course. This effectively helps you to understand:

Implementation of AWS services

Flawless understanding of cloud computing theory

Providing feedback to Amazon Web Services on a regular basis

Performing routine functions of cloud computing and managing its applications and services

Configuring each service and analyzing large data and analytics

Demonstrate a good understanding of service configuration, deployment, powerful applications, and bug-accepting practices in AWS 

Manipulate access and exit data from AWS

Learn AWS services such as a computer, database, infrastructure management, application development

Knowing the method of AWS design

Research on RTS, S3, EC2, Cloud Front, Autoscaling, Load Balancing, EMR, VBC, Redshift, Dynamotip, etc

You will gain in-depth knowledge of how to implement cloud architecture and find solutions for transforming your company's physical infrastructure into cloud architecture.

You can easily get your AWS certificate without any hassle.

You will get extra support in the building again to compete effectively in the field of information technology.

You will be better at managing real-life situations with better efficiency and automatic scaling.

Cloud computing has been gaining importance over the years and has completely changed the aspect of business operations. AWS currently rules cloud platforms, so practicing AWS can be very rewarding for your life. Reasons to get AWS training:


You will get a better career.

You can earn a good salary.

AWS expertise with cloud knowledge is in high demand and will continue to grow in the coming years

If you are interested in becoming an AWS expert, AWS online training will definitely help you find job opportunities.

AWS Solutions AWS offers you the roles of Architect, AWS Engineer, Cloud Architect, IT Developer, DevOps Engineer, Computer Administrator, Big Data Analyst, IoT Developer, and many more.

AWS helps candidates understand the technical aspects of the services by providing real-time plans

One can obtain AWS competent professional credibility with AWS certification and is offered with the best package.

Anyone interested in learning AWS can take the Spark Databox AWS tutorial in Canada, especially the following:

Solution Architects

Programmers planning to build SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS applications or transfer data from existing data centers to AWS

Cloud Developers

Cloud software engineers

Computer and network administrators

Professionals and students who plan to improve their skills in the field of cloud computing

Specialists aimed at hosting high-end, error-tolerant applications in the AWS Cloud

Spark Databox offers a wide range of online training courses aimed at achieving business standards and demands with the help of 24/7 for any questions. Features include:


Real-time projects - Requesting candidates to work on numerous AWS architectural projects.

Tasks - There will be practical arrangements for obtaining practical procedures at each session.

Vocational Training - The AWS course in Canada is conducted by certified AWS professionals with key experience in cloud computing.

Self-paced ??Training - Candidates are provided with digital training methods to learn at their own pace.

Certification in AWS - Upon successful completion of the training, the Spark Databox will issue you an AWS course completed Certificate.

Spark Databox training is 100% practical. At the end of the training, you will be an AWS expert. After training with Spark Databox AWS in Canada, you:

Upgrade your basic skills to exceptional skills

Create scalable, static applications

Learn about today's techniques from AWS

Manage deeply accessible and reliable infrastructure in AWS policies

Develop AWS-based technology by understanding the basic principles of the DevOps site

Start with standard deployments of AWS technology

Spark Databox offers a 30-hour curriculum for all types of courses with real-time information and explanations provided by our experts. But the duration will vary in each case according to your training needs.


Personal Online Training: Attitude to each other, personal online training

Self paced ??Training: For those who want to learn AWS on their own schedule.

Online / Offline Training: Provide online/offline training to candidates located in different locations.

Live Online Classroom Training: Candidates from all over the world can learn the training sessions.

Corporate Training: This is mainly for companies that need to train their employees regarding AWS services.

All of our deeply qualified trainers are professionals with at least 15 years of continuous teaching experience. Each of our guides has gone through a meticulous selection process that includes profile screening, professional evaluation, and training class demo. We also guarantee that only high student quality coaches will train candidates.

Knowledge, professional certification, workshop, internship, real-time scheduling, and consistent support for recruitment from the Spark Databox are among the best in the software world along with the tie-up from leading companies.

AWS exams and certification

At the end of the Spark Databox AWS training in Canada, candidates should achieve good results in the real-time program. If candidates fail to achieve good results in the real-time program, we will provide all necessary assistance, and they will complete the program and receive their qualification certificate.

There are five types of AWS certification:


Certified AWS Solutions Architect

Certified AWS Developer Associate

Certified AWS SysOps Administrator Associate

Certified AWS Architect-Expert

Certified AWS DevOps Engineer-Expert

There are also special certificates:


Certified AWS big data

Certified AWS Advanced Networking

It is based on your career goals and qualifications. The platform is changing drastically with business needs and advances in cloud computing technology. Therefore, achieving a specific certification can be a challenge for professionals. Professionals should be familiar with the latest cloud computing technology and be updated. However, we recommend that you research all AWS certification courses and choose the one that works best for you.

Time will vary for each position, such as Associate, Professional, and Specialty. At each level, there will be sample questions, multiple response questions, and MCQs. The timing for each level is as follows:


Parallel level selection - 80 minutes

Professional Exam - 70 minutes.

Special Exam - 70 minutes

Results are reported within 72 hours of the candidate's AWS online certification account.

Certification cost:


Registration cost for Associate-Level - $ 150 

Registration cost for professional-level - $ 300

Advanced Registration Cost - $ 350

You will get the following help and more from the Spark Databox.


We will provide quizzes for training.

We will provide you with sample questions.

Provide yourself with self-speed labs

Providing other additional research materials

Each AWS certification is valid for a period of two years from the date of issue.

You can gain in-depth knowledge of AWS technology. A certificate confirms your technical skills in implementing and managing AWS. These certifications will be very useful for IT developers to improve their knowledge and career to the next level with pay.

If you slip on the first try, you can withdraw the Exam after 30 days of continuous payment.

Introduction to AWS

In 2006, Amazon Web Services (AWS) began providing businesses with information technology infrastructure services as web services - now commonly known as cloud computing. One of the key benefits of cloud computing is the opportunity to replace transparent capital infrastructure costs with the minimum variable costs measured with your business. With Cloud, businesses no longer have to plan and buy servers and other IT infrastructure weeks or months in advance. Instead, they can rotate multiple servers in minutes and deliver results quickly. Today, AWS offers the most reliable, scalable, low-cost infrastructure platform in the cloud, improving the number of businesses around the world.

Amazon Web Services is a part of Amazon that provides businesses with information technology infrastructure services in the form of web services, also known as cloud computing.

Cloud computing is the provision of computing power, database storage, applications, and other information technology resources over the Internet through the Cloud Services platform at affordable prices. Whether you run photo sharing apps for millions of mobile users or support important functions of your business, the cloud service platform provides quick access to flexible and affordable information technology resources. With cloud computing, you do not need to make big investments in hardware and spend more time managing it. Instead, it can provide the right type and amount of computer resources to streamline your new bright idea or run your IT industry. Cloud computing provides an easy way to access servers, storage, databases, and a wide range of utility services on the Internet. A cloud service platform, such as Amazon Web Services, owns and controls the hardware connected to the network required for these application services.

AWS offers its subscribers the following features.


Easy automated scheduling.

Automatic multi-regional backups.

Modernized Disaster Recovery.

RAS - Reliability Adaptation and Calibration.

Companies that handle pictures and videos will need AWS, where you will need a large amount of storage and be compatible with Amazon's S3.

All of our trainers are AWS certified with at least 12-15 years of consistent experience in this field. Each of our guides has gone through a sophisticated selection process that includes profile screening, professional evaluation, and training demo. Our experts have worked with industry people for a long time, and they provide you with competent training to the extent that you can compete in the best multinational companies.

AWS Job Opportunities

AWS professionals have tremendous career opportunities in various aspects of the industry. More than 1000 companies rely on and rely on cloud services to assist in successful AWS migration and enterprise-wide training. The best companies that use AWS Cloud are Netflix, Unilever, Adobe, Autodesk, BMW, Canon, GE Oil & Gas, because it provides the best services to their customers.

According to a global survey, AWS certification is considered to be the most valuable information technology certification that can help your career to a great extent.

AWS specialists are required to solve operational tasks and are responsible for implementing innovative software for complex deployment, infrastructure, design, and adjustment of cloud solutions.

Some of the best companies that hire talented AWS experts are Accenture, Ernst & Young, Oracle, SAP Labs, Novel, Tech Mahindra, Capgemini, CGI Group Inc., Dell International, Amazon, McCoffee, Mu Sigma, L&G, and many more.

You may want to pursue a brighter career path for AWS Architect, DevOps Engineer, Cloud Architect, AWS Engineer, Cloud Manager, AWS SysOps Administrator, AWS Networking Expert, etc.

Spark Databox Placement Assistance

After the Spark Databox AWS training in Canada, the right orientation to the job is done. With this important training from experienced trainers, as professionals, you will get a different scholarship. This is an opportunity to open up and expand your opportunities.

You will again be offered a job and assistance in the Spark Databox. Upon completion of the AWS course, candidates will be presented with a completed certificate of practical training achievements from the Spark Databox. We guarantee that you will have all the support you need to get a job with business partners. We have a dedicated team with extensive network connections with top companies across Canada. Upon completion of the course, your profile will be sent to those companies.

Yes, the Spark Databox will guide you every step of the way. With a team of experts, your application will be written in a powerful way, which will give you a major advantage over other job applicants. We know how companies view your application in the Spark Databox.

Companies across India widely recognize the AWS certification of Spark Databox. Obtaining a certificate from Spark Databox will give you an unprecedented advantage over other job applicants.

Upcoming Batches

Start Date End Date Time (EST) (UTC - 5) Day
23-Apr-24 21-May-24 (09:30 PM - 11:00 PM) Tue-Sat
26-Apr-24 24-May-24 (09:30 PM - 12:00 AM) Fri-Sat
27-Apr-24 25-May-24 (09:30 PM - 12:00 AM) Sat-Sun
29-Apr-24 27-May-24 (09:30 PM - 11:00 PM) Mon-Fri
30-Apr-24 28-May-24 (09:30 PM - 11:00 PM) Tue-Sat

Note : We can arrange classes on different timings up on customer request. Please call us to schedule classes as per your convenient timings. We can arrange one to one training up on customer request.




This AWS training in Canada does not require specific prerequisites. However, if you already know the basics of Unix or Linux, you can skip the initial part of this tutorial and go straight to AWS. If you need Linux / Unix training, Spark Databox offers 100% free Unix / Linux video-based training.
Anybody who wishes to pursue an AWS career can take up this AWS online training course in Canada.

Solution Architects

Programmers planning to develop SaaS, PaaS and IaaS applications or relocate data from existing data centers to AWS

Cloud Developers

Cloud Software Engineers

System and Network Administrators

Professionals and students planning to upgrade their skills in the cloud computing domain

Professionals aiming in hosting highly scaleable, fault-tolerant applications on the AWS cloud

No issues even if you miss a live online AWS training session. Every session will be recorded, and access will be provided to all the videos on Spark Databox’s state-of-the-art course training system. You can watch the recorded sessions at your own time and convenience.
Yes! Spark Databox is an accredited certification provider for AWS training in Canada. So you can join our AWS training in Canada without any fear.
If you fail on AWS exam, you can retake able to retake the exam right after 14 days. We will provide you all the necessary assistance and help to break through the certification exam.
Yes, Spark Databox provide a demo session.