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Career Opportunities

A principal SAS professional can earn 110,000-150,000$ in the United States.
There are 1315 of positions available across India in 2021 that demands professionals with knowledge of SAS.
The list of the companies that use SAS: SAS, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, Accenture, Dell Advanced Analytics, Mu Sigma, WNS, Genpact, IMS Health, RBS, Moody’s Analytical Company, HDFC, SBI, CitiBank Analytics, EXL, as well as many Banks and IT companies.
The ideal job roles available for the SAS platform are SAS Developer, Data Analyst, Programmer Analyst, Designer and Architect, Business Analyst, Data Miner, Business Analyst, Software Engineer, Customer Analytics Manager, Decision Analyst, etc.



About SAS Online Training Course

This SAS training course will help you learn the fields of business analytics and business intelligence. The SAS Training and Certification Course are designed to help you become a successful analytics expert with the concept and skills of the SAS Programming Language and its principal statistical methods. These techniques can be implemented to perform advanced SAS programming. The course is offered through a range of interactive practices that make learning more productive.

Realize Analytics with SAS

Understand SAS GUI, datasets, import/export of planned data

Obtain a detailed understanding of integrating and refining datasets

Start Analyzing the statistics and implement advanced SAS statistical techniques

Achieve Automation in complicated sequential tasks using MACROS

Perform the conditional and operational cycle in your SAS program

Execute SQL queries in the SAS program

Run the ODS report with SAS

Create and solve patterns using PROC OPT MODEL

Simplify the SAS program using SAS arrays

IT and software developers


Business intelligence, Big data, and Analytics experts  

Project managers

Anyone who aspires to learn programming with SAS

There are no difficult prerequisites for learning SAS. You can definitely sign up. However, a basic knowledge of statistics and SQL will be useful.

Introduction to SAS

You will have sufficient proficiency in using SAS functions to read spreadsheets, read databases, and manipulate this data. This SAS certification training includes data processing, data analysis, modeling techniques, visualization of data, predictive analysis, and acquiring insights from real-world case investigations.

SAS is a statistical analytics system - a special software package proposed by SAS. After experiencing changes for several years since 1976, aimed at using data mining, data editing, and data retrieval, derived from many outside resources for statistical analysis.

SAS is not only a break for technical people with prior knowledge in statistics, but non-technical users can easily use SAS with a point-and-click policy for any need for statistical analysis of reports and data to assist in decision making. This is attainable due to the simple design of the SAS's GUI interface.

SAS Enterprise Guide

SAS platform and its multiple operations

Creating data sets and using package and processing

Relevant statements, operatives, and operations

SAS Maps and Summary Reports

Base SAS and Advanced SAS

Two key design principles act as the pillars of the SAS implementation are DATA and PROC

Data functionality is accountable for data retrieval and data handling. The PROC a function is liable for the statistical analysis of the data handled.

SAS is useful for implementing multivariate analysis, BI (business intelligence), predictive analysis, and data administration.

One more vital the capacity of SAS is recursion, which can be combined by writing SAS macros; a portion of code is reused no matter how many times it is written.

Various file formats such as HTML, OFF, Excel can be used for data output in SAS through the publishing distribution system.

SAS can perform tasks even if we don't tell them how to do it. Instructing it what to do is more enough for it to process. Even non-programmers can use SAS for statistical analysis with little or no programming knowledge.

Since the SAS the software package contains numerous components, here are a few key elements for your reference:

Base SAS

SAS/STAT – Statistics




SAS/IML – Interact Matrix Language

SAS/AF – Applications Facility

SAS/OR – Operations Research

SAS/ETS – Econometrics and Time Series Analysis

SAS/EBI – Business Intelligence

SAS/Grid Manager – Grid Management

SAS/QC – Quality Control

 SAS is extensively used in biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical research domains and industries.

Implementation of SAS in an organization extends the following advantages:

Increase in revenue

Performance can be enhanced through practical analysis and decision making

Effective cost control

SAS Exam and Certification

At the end of the SAS course, you will be working on a real-time project. Once you have completed the project assigned to you with the expected results, Spark Databox will check and issue the SAS Certification, which means a unique recognition to start. If you do not deliver the results you expect, we will support you by clarifying the doubts and helping you to try the exam again. Those who receive this training will not only easily pass the certification but also get high marks. SAS certification is broadly accepted all around the world, so you are recognized throughout the globe.

You can receive in-depth knowledge of the SAS environment, and it confirms your technical skills on the implementation and the power of decision making with the SAS tool. This certification will be highly beneficial for those striving to improve your knowledge and career to succeeding levels with high pays.

Job Scope of SAS

All over the globe, the scope of SAS is very demanding. This plays a huge part in the analytical domain. There is a huge opportunity for SAS among newcomers. Banks, Insurance, and Financial Services Companies utilize SAS.

It is clear that the SAS skill requirement is promising today and will reach a peak in the upcoming years. Hence the job market embraces more and more SAS professionals. Furthermore, statisticians can gain a promising career as SAS professionals; interact closely with statisticians to perform statistical analysis utilizing SAS.

SAS is one of the best data analysis tools in the software industry. It has experience in integrating the best data warehouse, analytics, and business intelligence an application that can conclusively be used to extract intelligence from large volumes of data.

SAS is progressively optimistic about its future. It will play a vital role in the big data revolution. The package is used in multiple countries in various domains, including banking, market research, and financial analysis. With the increasing popularity of SAS, there is a great need for SAS professionals around the world. Spark Databox is the best IT training provider to provide SAS training for beginners as well as experienced professionals.

SAS is a robust business analytics tool that is used by companies to boost their business accomplishment. This SAS online training gives you all the best skills to work with large scale databases and troubleshooting techniques. So, with the SAS Certification Training, you can apply for a job in top popular companies in search of SAS professionals to improve their business performance.

Spark Databox Placement Support

Spark Databox has a dedicated team portal that satisfies the needs of students during internships. Spark Databox also leads development sessions, including presentation skills, mock interviews, to outfit students to meet a challenging interview situation easily. 

We will equip you with everything you require to achieve a place at the renowned MNC and forward your application to affiliate companies. Starting with an in-depth curriculum that emphasizes real-life examples, we will equip you by planning your resume so that you can get a job. So learn SAS from the best SAS training provider, Spark Databox.

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Every training session will be recorded, and access will be provided to all the videos on Spark Databox ‘s state-of-the-art course training system. You can watch the recorded sessions at your own time and convenience. Or you can attend the missed session in any other live batch.

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Real-time projects

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